10 League of Legends Tips and Tricks

League Of Legends Tips & Tricks


If you haven’t heard of League of Legends, then you must have a really good explanation. It is one of the most played games of all time. This game has it all, it is fun if you just want to play on your own, but it gets extremely fun if you have the company of your friends, and given the number of active players, chances are, your friends already play this game. Here are 10 tips and tricks that will cover your new experience but some of these tips are also relevant to intermediate players. No one stops learning and this game will ask that exactly from you!


1. Stick To A Smaller Pool of Champions.

The game has a crazy number of champions, and they all keep getting updates and changed quite often. You will find yourself knowing most of the abilities of each champion if you give this game time. But you don’t have to know everything if you are looking to kill some time and have fun. However, if dying multiple times to your enemy is your definition of fun then you can stop reading this tip, for the others, having full knowledge on your champion can’t be overstated if you want to survive the immense characters that this game offers. You should start with your favorite champion.

Champions aren’t free at the get-go, but you start the game with some IP (Ingame currency) to buy few champions, get confident with one of these. Understand their basic abilities and role in the match, each champion has a different important role, so find out what your champion does and how he/she helps the team.


2. Map. Look At the Map.

Each player has all the information going on the arena, real-time displayed on their maps that on the lower right edge of the screen. The map holds all the opportunities you can use and abuse, all the out of positioning your enemies will be. The presence of map objectives, i.e. enemy towers, dragons, and Baron Nashor.

Make it a habit to look at the map every 5 seconds or so, just a glance. It will save your life countless times. This is extremely important it can’t be overstated. The map, USE IT!


3. Vision is Very Important.

After your first few games, you will find out that there is a character on your team as well as on your enemy’s team that isn’t playing in a lane. Instead, they fight monsters in the jungle to level and obtain their coins in the match. This role is the Jungler. This player will often have movement hindering abilities and will always attempt to collapse on lanes to give your enemy laner an advantage.  You will not be able to see his position easily. Given that you know the power of the map, there is one extra step that is extremely powerful.

That is.

Use your trinket ward, it is locked on 4 on your keyboard by default, this ward gives vision to your entire team, now you can follow the movements of your enemy Jungler.


Katarina in League of Legends


4. Type in-game, Only If It Will Benefit Everyone.

It is very easy to pick on someone’s poor decisions in a match with a keyboard but doing so only puts the entire team back. Speak to your team with the sole intent of suggesting calls, be humble and people will admire the experience of playing with you. It will always be okay to lose the game. But losing your temper only harms you. Keep your chill. Everyone will be better that way.

If you come across an offensive player, you can easily mute their sentences. An icon is displayed next to their champion icon. Use this option. Hopefully, you don’t become the one who would be silenced by other gamers. Instead, honored at the end game screen. For being a pleasant teammate.


5. Items and Stats.

You have to understand the variability that the item shop offers. For every game, you will have a different justification for your items. Items give offensive and defensive stats so your item build should be modified towards your lane and whoever is most fed on the enemy team. Get familiar with the items.

As starting items the options aren’t massive, they are mainly doran items. You will find them in your essential tab in the store windows. If you are playing as support you will have your items. As the game progresses, get creative and find the stats that fulfill your match and benefit the entire team.


Akali in League of Legends


6. LoL Is a Team Game.


No matter how powerful your champion may seem to you, nothing comes ahead in this game more than being co-operative with your team, it is how you can win. The number of synergies possible between champions in this game is extremely immense. You will never be able to rely on your champion abilities alone.

There are 5 roles in the game; Top, Middle, Jungle, ADC, and Support. Damage output from any champion is either physical, magical or true damage. A team has to have a balanced combination of these to have sustainable damage throughout the game. If for an instance, a team is full of fighters that deal with physical damage only; the enemy team will be able to capitalize on that and build armor. Armor is the defensive stat for physical damage. Respectively for magic damage.

This is why a match begins during the champion selection. Be careful and aware of that.


Xayah and Rakan


7. Some champions Have A Natural Advantage Over Other Champions.

Some abilities hinder movement, they can slow the enemy, or stun them completely, unable to move or cast spells, some abilities root the enemies to the ground, others can blind a champion. All of these are very destructive to the nature of the champion. Some champions can’t afford this lockdown and are instantly destroyed by the enemy team.

Some mages can cast a shield on themselves that will be an obstacle to a rotation of their opponent. There will always be a tendency to take the champion that counters the enemy champion in the attack abilities. However, with the first tip mentioned. Playing with your preferred champion on the matchup that is unlikely for you to win is not out of question.

If you play your cards right, you can still come above but it will be harder. The best thing would choose a champion from your preferred ones that would avoid this disadvantage.


8. As The Game Progresses, Your Death Timer Also Does.

This means that mistakes that extend later into the game are punished harsher than early ones, keep with your team at all times when the game gets lengthy. If a player is picked out, the entire game gets steeply more difficult.

This is by design and how the game plans to stay dynamic. No game will feel the same, so don’t try to auto-pilot your way each match




9. Use The Practice Tool.

A recent addition in LoL is the Practice tool. This is a sandbox for you to test any and everything. You can adjust every stat in the game. It is a completely customizable game, make use of it right after buying your champion.

Spawning enemy dummies and then figuring out how to get out the best DPS (Damage Per Second) with a different selection of items is very smart.

Of course, this also allows you to try your abilities, including your ultimate at a 0 cooldown. So master the skill to efficiently place those game-winning spells.

10. Watch Pro Players Is A Great Trick to Learn Fast.

League has a massive audience on its E-sports scene. Tournaments gather millions of viewers to watch a complete showdown of highly skilled gamers playing the game. Each movement and decision these seasoned players do is out there for your watch, they are playing on high stakes for a reason. They know all the details on the game, the amount of information they have about the game is laughable.

Watch your favorite streamer, and try to evaluate their actions. You will always find something to learn.


League of Legends Kayn, a Jungler.


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