LEGO DC Super-Villains – Survey Codes


Just like every Lego game, those who need to have fun and want to explore game early, they can use these codes hidden away in the game. This article will guide about the survey codes which a player received at the end of the game after filling LEGO Survey. You can apply the code by going to the pause menu and select Extras or you can go inside the statue of giant joker and enter code into his face.


It is not an admitted fact that everyone will get the same code after the game. However, it could be changed person to person or country to country. Moreover, Code and its result would be the same but arrangement could be different.

List of Codes

  • Adam Strange – QF7NT
  • Atrocitus (Red Lantern) – 9RHJJ
  • Black Canary – ND6AL
  • Blue Beetle – 8VV5Q
  • Clayface – YUCOP3
  • Clock King – Z6AU7
  • Detective Chimp – BQWSG
  • Dex-Starr (Red Lantern) – KFLQM
  • Doctor Fate – KPTCC
  • Doctor Light – 6NWX5
  • Doctor Poison – GWWBS
  • Firestorm – HFMHM
  • General Zod – D8577
  • Green Lantern (John Stewart) – KNJ2P
  • Hawk Girl – LNSB9
  • Jessica Cruz – S5DB6
  • Lady Shiva – XQP2L
  • Martian Manhunter – Y7MFR
  • Mister Mxyzptlk – NURPU
  • Monsieur Mallah – GM9MX
  • Plastic Man – E6HUY
  • Ravager – UVWHS
  • Red Robin – JNLPY
  • Red Tornado – CKDRF
  • Star Sapphire (Violet Lantern) – QD2GY
  • Terra – F79GU
  • The Trickster – YRZMS
  • Toyman – VB5AS
  • Harley Quinn – PLG1Z

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