How to Make a Big Map on Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make a Big Map on Minecraft?

Because the Minecraft worlds are so large, being able to create a map in the game is quite useful. You’ll also need a Cartography Table to expand your map.


How to Make a Big Map on Minecraft?

Here’s how to create a map from scratch in Minecraft:

Create a table for crafts. Utilize 4 wooden planks of any kind (Oak Wood Planks, Crimson Wood Planks, etc.).

make a big map on minecraft


Cane Sugar Mine No. 9. In marsh or desert biomes, look for stalks close to water and use any instrument to chop them down.

make a big map on minecraft
Open the 3X3 crafting grid by placing your crafting table on the ground and interacting with it.

make a big map on minecraft
Print 9 papers. In the middle row of the crafting grid, 3 Sugar Cane will provide 3 Papers.

make a big map on minecraft
build a compass Place 4 Iron Ingots in the surrounding boxes and 1 Redstone Dust in the middle of the 3X3 grid.

make a big map on minecraft

After placing your Compass in the center of the crafting grid, fill the remaining blocks with 8 Paper.

make a big map on minecraft
The Empty Locator Map is now available for you to add to your inventory. Walkabout to fill up the map after equipping it and using it.

make a big map on minecraft


Other Methods in Minecraft to Get a Map

Maps are available for 8 Emeralds from a cartographer, or they can be discovered in stronghold libraries, sunken ships, and cartographers’ chests. Place a Cartography Table in front of a villager without occupation to create a cartographer.

Making maps is simpler with the Bedrock Edition thanks to a cartography table. Create an empty map by placing one piece of paper on the cartography table. Combine 1 Paper and a Compass for an Empty Locator Map.


When creating a world in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, turn on Starting Map under World Preferences to start with a Map in your inventory.


How Do You Create a Map in Minecraft on a Cartography Table?

Open a crafting table, place two pieces of paper in the top row, and then four pieces of wood (of any kind) in the blocks below to create a cartography table. Additionally, you can discover cartography tables inside your cartographer’s home in communities.

You should try to expand your Minecraft universe as much as you can because each Map only shows a small section of it. Put your Map in the center of the crafting table, and then fill the remaining boxes with 8 Paper.


To make your maps larger, you may also utilize a cartography table. In order to generate a new, zoomed-out Map, combine your Map with 1 Paper. To make the Map the largest it can be, use one of these ways four times in a row.


How to Place a Marker on a Map in Minecraft?

Locations can be marked using banners on your map. Place 1 Stick in the middle of the bottom row of a crafting table, followed by 6 Wool of the same color in the top rows.


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