How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

make a blast furnace in minecraft

In Minecraft, a blast furnace is a useful building block that may be used to smelt metals and ores two times quicker than a furnace. It serves as the construction site block for the Armor profession as well.


Tools, weapons, and armor are essential things that improve a Minecraft player’s capacity for survival. Without them, it may be feasible to face off against powerful foes or other players, but possessing this equipment makes these sorts of battles much simpler.

This post will explain how Minecraft players may create their very own blast furnace.


How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

make a blast furnace in minecraft

What supplies are needed to build a blast furnace in Minecraft?

A blast furnace, a utility block that functions similarly to furnaces but is specialized for smelting ore and metal-related objects, will help Minecraft players level up rapidly.

The fact that they are quite easy to construct will be welcomed news for players who are wanting to add one of these utility blocks to their collection. In the depths of Minecraft’s Overworlds, you can find all the crafting materials needed to make a blast furnace.

1 furnace

3 smooth stone blocks

5 iron ingots


make a blast furnace in minecraft

Step 1 – Making a Furnace

Players of Minecraft must first acquire all the required crafting materials in order to construct a blast furnace. This is a good place to start because a huge part of Minecraft players is probably already familiar with furnaces.


Making a furnace is a basic and uncomplicated process. Simply assemble eight pieces of cobblestone at a crafting table in Minecraft. The very center area of the crafting window should be the only one that is still empty.


Mining stone blocks that are dispersed throughout Minecraft’s many biomes will provide cobblestones. Players should make careful to pick up some additional cobblestones when they are out gathering supplies for their furnace.


Step 2 – Refine Iron Ingots

Iron ore may be transformed into iron ingots by being melted in a furnace using fire. In the depths of Minecraft’s Overworld, iron ore may be discovered; it is commonly found in caverns, mineshafts, ravines, and other underground locations. Players of Minecraft will require at least a stone pickaxe or one of better quality to mine iron ore.


To mine for raw iron, you will use a stone pickaxe. You may smelt raw iron in a furnace by adding fuel after obtaining it.


These will be useful and speed up the process of getting ready to build the actual blast furnace.

Step 3 – Craft Blast Furnace


Players will need to assemble a furnace, three pieces of smooth stone, and five iron ingots at a crafting table in order to create the blast furnace. Stone blocks can be melted in a furnace using a fire source like coal to create the smooth stone.


Stone blocks may be obtained by mining them with a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch or by smelting cobblestone in a furnace using fuel.



Additionally, throughout the game, many chests made from organically formed structures contain iron ingots.


All that’s left to do is mix the parts at a crafting table once the components have been put together by Minecraft players.




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