How to Make a Clock in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make a Clock in Minecraft?

Make a Clock in Minecraft

Make a clock if you want a decorative item for your house or even just to keep track of the day/night cycle in your environment. By slowly switching between a blue, sunlight background and a black, moonlight background, a clock will visually indicate what time it is.

The clock may be held in your hand to show the time, but you can also put it in a picture frame to decorate your house. The instructions in this article will teach you how to create a clock in Minecraft, how to read a clock, how to hang a clock, and how to utilize a clock in other ways.

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How to Make a Clock in Minecraft?

Make a Clock in Minecraft

Simply deposit gold in your crafting menu’s “+” form and swap out the center slot for Redstone dust to create a clock. Because the usual crafting inventory is insufficiently large, you must accomplish this at a crafting table.

You will need at least an iron pickaxe to gather sufficient gold ore in order to collect the components. Put three iron ingots in the top row of your crafting table and two sticks below the top middle column to start by making an iron pickaxe.

Make a Clock in Minecraft

You must find gold ore once your pickaxe is ready to use. Below “Y” level 31, gold ore production starts. You will eventually find Ore with the gold flecks if you search underground.

Look for Redstone ore while you are down here. Redstone ore has a similar appearance to gold ore but is red in hue. When you step on it or strike it with something, it will likewise illuminate. Fortunately, Redstone ore does not require smelting; rather, it will crumble into dust when broken with an iron pickaxe or a superior tool.

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When you have four pieces of gold ore, you may smelt them by putting them in a furnace. Your gold ore will be smelted into ingots in around 10 seconds. At a crafting table, you can create your clock after you have 4 gold ingots ready and some Redstone dust.

To create a clock in Minecraft, you only need that.

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Four pieces of gold ore may be smelted after you get them by placing them in a furnace. In around 10 seconds, your gold ore will be transformed into ingots. You can make your clock at a crafting station after you have 4 gold ingots and some Redstone dust ready.

You simply need that to craft  a clock in Minecraft.

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