How to Make a Copper Golem in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make a Copper Golem in Minecraft?

make a copper golem in minecraft

Even though Allay has been activated in the most recent Minecraft snapshot, many players still get flashbacks to the mobs rejected by the community. The copper golem, of course, as well as the Moobloom and Glare. But what if one could still be added? Today’s topic is creating copper golems in Minecraft.


The Copper Golem would have pushed copper buttons, oxidized like copper bricks, and served as a lightning rod if it had won the mob vote. However, copper golems would have rusted and become statues if they weren’t routinely scraped clean with an axe. A cool feature that makes you think of the Tin Man from Oz!

make a copper golem in minecraft

The loss of copper golem button interactions, which would have enabled new red stone arrangements with even more incredible intricacy, is maybe the saddest. Something that Allay is unable to perform. The purpose of this page is to honor the enthusiasts who built the Copper Golem rather than mourn its passing.


Bedrock Copper Golems

make a copper golem in minecraft

Although the copper golem cannot be created in the original version of Minecraft, it may still be manually added with a few more files!


Reddit user /u/samasaurus6 just made their Copper Golem addon available to the public for Bedrock Edition. Everything listed above is included, along with the copper button that would have been added in addition to the Copper Golem and a few more elements they thought complemented the copper theme.


Java Edition Copper Golems


There are several modifications that add Copper Golems to Java Edition, however, MrJoshuaT’s version currently seems to be the most well-liked. Copper Golem Mod adds all the suggested features given during the mob voting, including copper buttons, much like the bedrock version.

Please be aware that in order to use this mod, Fabric must also be installed on the client side.

How to Make a Copper Golem in Minecraft?

make a copper golem in minecraft

Even though the Copper Golem did not receive the majority of the mob’s votes, the small Golem has been preserved by its devoted supporters. Nobody is sure if Mojang will formally incorporate them in the future, but perhaps Minecraft Live will have a revision of all previous mobs that were overlooked.

They really are!

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