How to Make a Farm in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make a Farm in Minecraft?

How to Make a Farm in Minecraft? Easy Guide 1

The most wonderful tamed mob in Minecraft is without a doubt a cow. The cows are amiable, simple to breed, and provide some incredible goods. From the cows, you may obtain food, leather, and milk, which functions as an anti-potion component.

But when you can’t find any cows close to your base, that’s typically when the game becomes the most important. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for that problem. All you have to do is figure out how to build a cow farm in Minecraft. You won’t need to look for a cow ever again once it’s finished and inhabited. So with that, let’s get going!

Complete Guide

How to Make a Farm in Minecraft?

make a farm in minecraft

To quickly and simply construct a cow farm and get different resources in Minecraft, follow these steps:

Find a space that is at least 4 by 4 blocks in size that is open. To prevent snow from building up on your farm, it is advisable to avoid selecting a chilly biome.
2. Next, erect fences to define a perimeter around that space. Then construct a fence door at the boundary to allow access to the farm and the movement of cows.

3. Next, lure the cows into the agricultural area by leading them with wheat. Even though you only need two cows to get going, having more is always better.

4. After that, hold a piece of wheat and stand outside the farm to activate it. As soon as they see the wheat, the cows will start to come to approach you.

5. To encourage the cows to reproduce, you must give them wheat as they approach. You will observe a newborn cow spawn as soon as you have fed both cows. It will take the baby cow 20 minutes to mature into an adult. Additionally, cows might be ready to reproduce once more in just five minutes. Therefore, if you plan beforehand, you may quickly gather a large number of cows.

Kill cows on command to gather experience points and items

make a farm in minecraft
The majority of Minecraft gamers often grab a sword and slaughter as many cows as they wish in cow farms. Typically, it is a need-based activity. However, you will have to start over if you don’t preserve some of them. If you want to speed up the killing procedure, you can adhere to the guidelines below:

1. Start by putting solid blocks outside the fence’s perimeter.

2. Next, add water to one farm corner. As a result, cows will be pushed into one corner of the property by a water flow.

3. Change the corner block where the cows were submerged with a hopper and its neighboring blocks with magma blocks.

make a farm in minecraft

4. As a result of the damage caused by magma blocks, any cow that reaches this corner will now perish. Their dropped items will be gathered by the hopper and placed in the chest.


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