How to Make a Fireplace in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make a Fireplace in Minecraft?

make a fireplace in minecraft

In Minecraft, fireplaces are wonderful ornamental additions to your home, but if you’re not cautious, you may accidentally burn down your lovely house. Although you may choose how your fireplace looks overall, there are a few things you must remember to avoid burning down your house (unless it is made of a nonflammable material, then you are already fine).


Complete Guide

How to Make a Fireplace in Minecraft?

make a fireplace in minecraft

Determine its destination (I chose the corner of my house)
Clear the space you want it in, then use nonflammable material to line the area directly beneath the fire.
There must be at least a 3 by 3 square of clean space or nonflammable material surrounding the fire in each direction.

You will require that 3-by-3-square be built of a nonflammable substance for at least three floors above the area where the fire will be.

No matter how far away from the fire you travel, you must preserve the 3 by 3 rectangle composed of nonflammable material.

Either nothing is there, or the material above it must be nonflammable (you can see in the photo of my house’s roof where I extended the 3 by 3 of stone).
Fill up any area where the fireplace will be (where the fire might touch), including below and above, with stone (or another nonflammable material), as instructed previously.

make a fireplace in minecraft

Set up a perimeter around the area that will be burning (I used stone steps and left a hole in the corner for my fire source).
Stones should be placed over the area that will be above the fire to prevent ignition (all of that area) You won’t be at risk of burning yourself since you won’t be able to touch the fire (as long as you only leave a 1-block-high opening around it).
Place your combustibles in the fireplace (I just chose to use a block of wood that actually burned for quite some time)
Set it ablaze with some steel and flint
You have it now! Verify that the fire doesn’t spread, then have fun!


The Bottom Line

One just needs three logs, three sticks, and one lump of coal or charcoal to produce them; they develop spontaneously in taiga and icy taiga settlements.
Masonry fireplaces are normally constructed on an outside wall; they are seldom linked to a house directly because of the weight of the fireplaces. Instead, they are poured and put in place on footers to prevent any harm to your home.



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