How to Make a Gate in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make a Gate in Minecraft?

Make a Gate in Minecraft

Similar to Doors, Fence Gates are just 1.5 blocks tall, attached to translucent blocks, and unrelated to either Villagers or Zombies. Doors are frequently employed as pens’ gates because of their transparency, which prevents them from connecting with fences. Make sure the broad side of the fence gate faces the match while installing it. Additionally, they will open the opposite way from how they were initially opened.


Without having to climb over obstacles like blocks or ladders, access to fenced-in places is made simple by fence gates. Only the gate may be right-clicked to open them, and they always open away from the player.


Complete Guide

What are the Required Materials?


1. 4 Sticks

2. 2 Planks



In the game Minecraft, a stick is a crucially basic building block that is utilized to create a variety of different products. Since they are unable to be used independently or put in the environment, they are only used as raw materials for making. The following crafting procedure will result in the production of 4 sticks at once:

How to Make a Gate in Minecraft? Easy Guide 1



Along with dwellings, huts, and shacks, structures may also be supported in a variety of ways using planks. Wood planks are a resource that may be replenished. Wood is a plentiful building resource despite being quickly burnt in biomes with trees due to its abundance.


Natural wood boards can be discovered in wrecked ships, communities, witch homes, abandoned mine tunnels, and outposts of pillagers. Planks made of oak wood are used in mineshafts, villages, and badlands biomes while spruce planks are used in swamp huts and abandoned mineshafts. There are the following types of wood in Minecraft:

Dark oak floorboards
Planks of acacia wood
Crimson Stem boards
bent stem boards

Oakwood flooring
Planks of birchwood
Forest floor planks
Planks of spruce wood

You may create 8 distinct sorts of fence gates with 8 various types of boards. There will be nine possible fence gates in the game when mangrove wood is added in the near future. The various types of wood merely serve as ornamental elements, and all of these fence gates function in the same way.


How to Make a Gate in Minecraft?

Make a Gate in Minecraft

1. Access the crafting desk:

Open your crafting table and start creating planks using the supplies you’ve collected and are keeping in your inventory. The 3×3 crafting grid is available as soon as you open your crafting table.

2. Placing the sticks

The center boxes should remain in each row when you place the sticks on each side of the first and second rows.

3. Set the planks down.

Put a wooden board in the middle of the first and second rows. The image below depicts an oak board in this instance.
Move the Fence Gate to your Inventory in step four.

Move the fence gate into your inventory by moving it from the top-right square. The fence gate can be set in motion with either a right click or a left trigger.

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