How To Make A Minecraft Axe? Easy Guide

How To Make A Minecraft Axe?

Make A Minecraft Axe

Even though they may also be used as weapons, the main purpose of making an axe is to quickly chop wood. A stone axe will also split a block of wood twice as quickly as by hand, while an iron axe will break it around 30% quicker.


If your opponent is using a shield, axes are a fairly useful weapon. A possibility exists that using an axe to attack a shield will render it useless for five seconds, exposing the user to far greater harm. Attacking while running dramatically increases your likelihood of success.

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How To Make A Minecraft Axe?

Make A Minecraft Axe

What are the Related Items?


  1. 2 Sticks
  2. 3 Blocks


In the game Minecraft, a stick is a crucially basic building block that is utilized to create a variety of different products. Since they are unable to be used independently or put in the environment, they are only used as raw materials for making. At a time, 4 sticks will be created.


Logs or wood of any of the following species—Oak, Birch, Spruce, Dark Oak, Acacia, and Jungle—are required to make wooden planks. The basic process for obtaining a log is the same. You start by finding a tree. Equip your axe, then left-click and hold on to a block of the tree trunk.

With your hand, you can also chop wood, although the speed will be much slower. It will fall as a block of a log. Take it up. Go to the 3×3 grid of the crafting table. Put the log in the middle. This will result in the production of 4 planks, just like the oak planks.


One of the most prevalent blocks in Minecraft is cobblestone, which is the fractured byproduct of stone mining. Along with mossy cobblestone, it may be discovered either through mining common stone or in dungeons that the game has artificially built.

Additionally, fortresses, communities, and jungle temples all contain it. Stone may be created by melting cobblestone in a furnace. By digging through the first few layers of soil and reaching stone, cobblestone may be easily acquired.

How To Make An Axe?

Activate the crafting desk:
To start making an axe with the ingredients you’ve collected and stored in your inventory, open your crafting table. The 3×3 crafting grid is available as soon as you open your crafting table.
Put the sticks

Make A Minecraft Axe

Two sticks must be placed on the grid, one in the second row’s second cell and the other in the third row’s second cell.

Wooden plank placement:

The 3 wooden planks should now be placed in the grid as illustrated below. In the first and second cells, two boards will be positioned in the first row. The first cell in the second row will get the third plank.

Put the axe in your inventory, please:

Add the wooden axe to your inventory by dragging it there, then go to work!


Make A Minecraft Axe

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