How to Make a Minecraft Cookie? Easy Guide

How to Make a Minecraft Cookie?

make a minecraft cookie

Open the crafting table and insert two wheat stalks along either side of the second row to build a cookie. Put a cocoa bean in the middle and drag it to your inventory after that.


In Minecraft, there are so many different kinds of food. A method of satiating your appetite is to kill animals and consume their leftovers. Building a farm is another means of obtaining food. Making meals from scratch is the ultimate method. Cookies are one food item that may be made.


Complete Guide

What are the Required Materials for Cookies?

– 2 wheat

– 1 cocoa bean

make a minecraft cookie


How to Make a Minecraft Cookie?

make a minecraft cookie

Getting some wheat will be the first thing you should do. It’s really simple to get wheat. You must first make a hoe. Hoes are easily made from two sticks and two pieces of wood. As you gather your sticks, wooden planks will be produced.

All you have to do is collect wooden planks to make sticks. You must just punch a tree to obtain oak wood in order to obtain wooden boards. Then, using your crafting table, you may transform one piece of oak wood into four wooden planks.

make a minecraft cookie

You may now set your wooden planks on the crafting table because you have them. As seen in the design below, make careful to stack them on top of one another. You’ll be able to make sticks thanks to this.

You just need to make your home using the crafting instructions below after you have your sticks and wooden planks.

make a minecraft cookie
Congratulations! You’ve successfully made a wooden hoe. All that’s left to do is construct a basic farm. Simply surround a water supply block with dirt to create a farm. To transform the soil into farmland, right-click while holding a hoe in your hand.


You need to harvest seeds now that you have your own acreage. Any tall grass on your planet can be broken to collect seeds. Once you have a seed, right-click over your field while holding the seeds in your hand. Now all you have to do is watch them develop. A bone meal can expedite this procedure.

All that’s left to do is break the seeds now that they are completely developed. Wheat will fall from this. Make sure you sow two seeds since you need two pieces of wheat.


You need to locate a jungle biome now that you have your two pieces of wheat. Cocoa beans are exclusively available in this location. They only appear on trees in jungles.



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