How To Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table? Easy Guide

How To Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table?


When you first start playing Minecraft, it may seem really straightforward: hit a tree, make something, and repeat. But later, things will get more challenging and fanciful. Consider dangerous dragons, luminous pyramids, mystical gateways, and more.

Through the usage of the enchantment table item, you even possess the ability to apply magic yourself (also known as the “enchanting” table). The enchantment table can provide magical improvements to your weapons, armor, and other equipment. For instance, certain spells increase the speed and durability of your tools, while others will shield you.

Here are the materials you’ll need to create an enchanting table and some tips for making the most of it.

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How To Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table


One book, two diamonds, four obsidian blocks, and lapis lazuli are needed to make an enchanting table in the game Minecraft.

purchase a book
1. Compile leather. Cows can be killed in order to obtain leather.

2. Gather sugar cane, which is available in swamp or desert biomes close to water. Once you have your sugar cane, arrange the pieces in an even row in your crafting space before grabbing the paper that results.

Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table

3. Create a book using your leather and three pieces of paper. As long as each piece of paper is kept separate, you can arrange them in any four blocks within the 3×3 crafting table area.

Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table

Collect diamonds, lapis lazuli, and obsidian

Mining is the most effective method of locating lapis lazuli, obsidian, and diamond. You should carry lamps, food, weapons, and a bottle of water with you because this might take some time.

Locate a pool of standing lava and dump your bucket of water into it after you have your diamonds—you’ll need at least two—and once they are there. Obsidian will result from this, and you will need at least a diamond pickaxe to mine it. Obsidian blocks, at least four, are required.

Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table

Keep an eye out for lapis lazuli throughout this. This Oreis a dark blue color and is widely distributed. You’ll need lapis lazuli to create enchantments, therefore the more lapis you can gather, the better.

Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table

When you have everything you need, utilize a crafting table. A 3×3 crafting space:


1. Insert the book into the middle-top slot.

2. Fill the left and right spaces of the second row with diamonds, keeping the central space unfilled.

3. Insert the obsidian into the middle-center space between the diamonds, and then add more obsidian to the bottom row.

Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table

You now possess an enchantment table that is prepared for usage. Note that punching it will damage the table, so if you wish to relocate it later, you’ll need a pickaxe.



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