How to Make a Minecraft Night Vision Potion? Easy Guide

How to Make a Minecraft Night Vision Potion?

make a minecraft night vision potion

One of the very few player-only potions in Minecraft is the Potion of Night Vision. It implies that other monsters are unable to benefit from this potion’s enhanced eyesight. On a multiplayer server, though, it will undoubtedly be useful to other players as well.

You should also be aware that both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft are compatible with this guide. Let’s look at the components you will need to produce this potion now.

Complete Guide

How to Make a Minecraft Night Vision Potion?

The following ingredients are needed to make a Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft:

Awkward Potion Brewing Stand Blaze Powder, Golden Carrot
We already have a guide available to assist you with creating a brewing stand in Minecraft, so that part is simple. It is the primary gaming tool we will utilize to create each and every Minecraft potion.

You must use it to create an awkward potion in Minecraft after it is prepared. It is the basic ingredient of the potion made by brewing nether warts with water. For the bulk of the greatest Minecraft potions, you will need to make an awkward potion.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s consider how to obtain the more difficult components for the Potion of Night Vision formula.


How to Prepare a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft


Making this potion is simple if you have all of the necessary ingredients. In this game, you may make a Potion of Night Vision by following this recipe:

1. First, open your brewing stand and fill the fuel cell on the left with flame powder. The powder will instantly ignite and begin supplying the stand with electricity.


make a minecraft night vision potion

2. After that, put the awkward potion bottles in the stand’s bottle cells. Three potion bottles can be filled at once with one golden carrot. So, be sure to maximize your enjoyment of it.

make a minecraft night vision potion

3. Lastly, position the golden carrot close to the arrow in the middle cell. The Awkward Potion will then immediately begin to brew into a Potion of Night Vision.

make a minecraft night vision potion

Making a Night Vision Splash Potion

Making a splash potion enables you to hurl it and utilize it on many players. Finding and eliminating a creeper is all that is required. It releases gunpowder if it expires without detonating, and you’ll need that powder to construct a splash potion. Then you may mix it too, just like we did when we added golden carrot to an already-made potion.


To achieve this, open your browsing stand, and place the gunpowder in the top-most cell and the three potion bottles in the bottom-most cells. Then, in no time, your throwable splash potion in Minecraft will be prepared.






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