How to Make a Minecraft Rocket? Easy Guide

How to Make a Minecraft Rocket?

Make a Minecraft Rocket

An excellent addition to Minecraft is explosives. TNT is one explosive that virtually destroys everything in its path. Although a creeper or a ghast may produce their own explosion, the 1.4.6 update also included a decorative explosion. A fireworks rocket is responsible for this explosion. You will learn how to create fireworks rockets in this tutorial, as well as how to create a machine to launch them.

Complete Guide

What are the Required Materials?


  1. Gunpowder
  2. Paper
  3. Coloured Dye

How to Make a Minecraft Rocket?

Make a Minecraft Rocket

Step-1 You must first obtain gunpowder in order to start making fireworks in Minecraft. All you have to do is kill a creeper to earn gunpowder.
Although it may seem tough, killing a creeper is actually rather simple. The only thing you have to do to avoid a creeper exploding is to strike it once, run away before it explodes, and then hit it again. Gunpowder will fall from it once you kill it.

Step 2 Get some paper next, which is the next step. Simply gather three or more sugar canes and arrange them in your crafting station according to the recipe below to create paper.

Step-3 After obtaining your paper and gunpowder, you must now choose the colour of your fireworks. You may choose any colour you wish to use for the crafting recipe because it doesn’t truly matter. Red will be the colour I choose for this tutorial.

Make a Minecraft Rocket

All you need to do for this recipe is set a piece of gunpowder next to the colour you intend to use. A firework star will result from this.
Step-4 After receiving your firework star, you should add paper and gunpowder to the crafting table. The fireworks star will become three fireworks rockets as a result.


How Do You Build a Minecart Firework Machine?

Making a firework machine is a rather simple process. Making a dispenser is the first thing you must accomplish. Dispensers are Redstone devices that, when fueled by Redstone, will spew out whatever is inside of them. The dispenser should be positioned with the front facing the direction you want the fireworks to shoot. The dispenser can be run by a Redstone clock or a lever.


It’s a great addition to having fireworks in Minecraft. Whether you want to use it to load your crossbow or propel yourself around the world, it is useful. You may make your own light display by combining them with your own Redstone device. Make sure you get enough gunpowder, though!




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