How to Make a Minecraft Texture Pack? Easy Guide

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 12:29 am

How to Make a Minecraft Texture Pack?

Make a Minecraft Texture Pack

The wildly famous Minecraft texture packs let gamers give the game its unique sense of style and design.

Players can choose to make their own unique texture packs and customize even the slightest aspects, despite the fact that there are hundreds of fantastic texture packs that are freely available to download on the internet.

Complete Guide

How to Make a Minecraft Texture Pack?

Make a Minecraft Texture Pack

Open .minecraft folder


The Minecraft directory must be opened in order to create a texture pack in the game. Open the start menu on Windows and enter %appdata%. Then press Enter to launch the .Minecraft folder.


Extract texture pack files

Make a Minecraft Texture Pack

Prior to actually opening the “versions” folder, open the .Minecraft directory next. Players should now access a folder inside of this one that bears the name of the Minecraft edition they choose to change the texture pack for.

Now, users must make a brand-new folder in the root.minecraft directory. You may give this new folder whatever name you choose. The copied jar file should then be inserted inside this folder.

Players must then right-click the just pasted jar file and select “extract to” from the menu that appears.


Go to the textures folder


Players must go to the textures folder after everything has been extracted. To do this, select Assets > Minecraft > Textures.

Players can choose individual textures they want to alter from this textures folder.


alter textures

Make a Minecraft Texture Pack
Now, players may change any texture they choose by just right-clicking the picture file and using any image editing programme to open it. For the most part, though, Microsoft Paint will work quite well.


Players must be careful to save the new modifications made after finishing altering the texture as desired.

creating a pack.mcmeta file

Reopen the folder containing the base directory of the item that was recently unzipped. Here, a new file has to be created.


Store the pack.mcmeta file.

Now, this file needs to be saved in Windows with the exact name “pack.mcmeta” and the “All files” file type.

assemble the resource bundle

It’s time to build the finished result when the pack.mcmeta file has been successfully saved within.

You may accomplish this by clicking the “assets” folder while holding down the “ctrl” key, followed by clicking the mcmeta file. Players must then use their zipping tool to right-click either file and select “add to archive” (7 zip or winzip for example).


I’m done now! Players should be able to install the freshly zipped file just like any other texture pack if everything has been done successfully.


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