How to Make a Speed Potion in Minecraft? Easy Number

How to Make a Speed Potion in Minecraft?

Make a Speed Potion in Minecraft

Start by opening the brewing stand to create a Potion of Swiftness. Put one of the bottom three boxes with your water bottle inside. Put a nether wart in the top box after that, and then watch for the arrow to fully fill. Put sugar in the top box now, and in a short while, you’ll have the Potion of Swiftness (3:00).


You may create a wide variety of potions in Minecraft. They can assist you in causing greater harm or in self-healing. Swiftness potions, which may assist you to cross the country more quickly and escape danger, are a must to manufacture. Additionally, you may build splash potions out of them to speed up monsters like horses.


Complete Guide

Make a Speed Potion in Minecraft

Required Materials

– Brewing Stand

– Nether Wart

– Three Water Bottles

– Sugar

– Blaze Powder


You need water bottles, which you may construct from glass, to make a potion of speed. To manufacture glass, dig out some sand and melt it in your furnace. To construct three glass bottles, you will need three pieces of glass. Simply hold the bottles in your hand and right-click any water source to fill them up.



How to Make a Speed Potion in Minecraft?

Make a Speed Potion in Minecraft

Sand should first be dug up and placed in a furnace.

Next, locate some sugarcane to use as the main component of the potion of swiftness. Sugarcane may be found frequently close to water source blocks, such as riverbanks, and will grow on sand or mud. Make careful to keep some sugarcane if you find some so you may grow your own.

You need to go to the nether to collect blaze rods, blaze powder, and nether wart now that you have your sand cooking and sugarcane gathered. Set up a nether portal and look for your stronghold.


Once you have located a stronghold, search the area for blazes or a spawner of blazes.


Until you have a few blazing rods, kill several blaze foes. Explore your stronghold until you find a room with a stairway and a red fungus.

Take some nether wart and return to the top. You now have everything you need to prepare a swiftness potion. Create a brewing stand first by fusing three cobblestones with a fire rod on a crafting table.

Glass from the furnace should be gathered and made into bottles. To produce glass bottles, arrange them in a “V” configuration in the crafting menu of a crafting table. Create some sugar while you’re here by adding sugarcane to your crafting menu.

Make a Speed Potion in Minecraft

To fill your glass bottles with water, simply right-click on any water source. Place your brewing stand there and then use the right-click menu to bring up the UI. Your water bottles should fit in the bottom three slots. To fuel your brewing stand, you must place blazing powder in the top left slot. Put some flame rods in your brewing stand after making them into blaze powder.

You must first brew uncomfortable potions in order to create potions of swiftness. Put a nether wart in your brewing stand’s ingredient slot, then wait for it to complete cooking.


Your water bottles will become uncomfortable potions as a result. All that is left to do is add the sugar to the ingredient slot and wait for the brewing process to be completed. About twenty seconds will pass.

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