How to Make a TNT cannon in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make a TNT cannon in Minecraft?

Make a TNT cannon in Minecraft

In Minecraft, it’s customary to pass the time by blowing stuff up. One of the game’s most lethal building blocks is TNT. TNT experiments gone bad have caused many players to perish.

TNT blocks are still a favorite among gamers. TNT guns are renowned for their incredibly powerful destructibility. These cannons allow players to completely destroy a friend’s Minecraft base. On anarchy servers, TNT rockets are also used to grieve bases and murder gamers.


Complete Guide

Make a TNT cannon in Minecraft

How to Make a TNT cannon in Minecraft?


Construct a functional TNT cannon in Minecraft.
Gather the necessary materials before beginning to construct the TNT cannon:

Two unmoving pistons

two blocks of slime

single dispenser

two repetitions

several TNTOne buttons (for manual TNT cannon)

A few Redstone particles and four repeaters (for automatic TNT cannon).

#1: Set a sticky piston and dispenser in place

Make a TNT cannon in Minecraft
Installing a sticky piston into the ground is the first step. Players may make sticky pistons out of slimeballs and regular pistons. Then, as seen in the figure, place a dispenser on the ground on any one of those pistons’ sides.

Ensure that the dispenser’s mouth is facing up.


#2: Position two Redstone repeaters so that they face outward from the dispenser

Make a TNT cannon in Minecraft
Place two Redstone repeaters facing outward as shown in the illustration after attaching the dispenser and adhesive piston. In Minecraft, three stones, two Redstone torches, and one Redstone dust may be used to create Redstone repeaters.

Once the Redstone repeaters are in place:

The repeater facing the piston should have four ticks when you right-click on it.
Put two ticks on the other repeater.
Ensure that the repeaters have the same appearance as in the illustration above.

#3: Position a sturdy block against the dispenser’s left side.

Make a TNT cannon in Minecraft

The following step is to position a sturdy block, like a stone, in front of the repeater on the left, as indicated in the illustration. Place the solid block first, then a sticky piston on top of it with the mouth of the dispenser facing up.

#4: Add some slime blocks

We are almost done with the TNT launcher. Players must now attach slime blocks to each sticky piston. Place some TNT blocks in the dispenser once the slime blocks have been added.

To fire a TNT, attach a button to the dispenser. Go a few blocks behind after hitting the button just in case something goes wrong. Players will hear a kaboom! and see a TNT crater if all goes according to plan.


#5: Increase automation

The button allows users to manually launch. However, a Redstone clock can also automate it. As seen in the illustration, place four repeaters side by side a few blocks from the dispenser.

All of their ticks should be raised to four, and you should use Redstone dust to link them to the dispenser. Place a Redstone torch quickly, then break it to establish a signal loop. TNT will be launched by this signal at predetermined intervals.

I’m done now. The TNT Cannon may now be used. Keep that in mind while you use it. Before setting off another TNT, let the previous one explode.

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