How to Make an XP farm in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make an XP farm in Minecraft?

make an xp farm in minecraft

Building an object that attracts and weakens creatures is the best method to level up in Minecraft. These come in a variety of shapes and are fittingly referred to as “XP farms.” But they all adhere to the same rules.

Complete Guide

make an xp farm in minecraft

Make an XP farm in Minecraft

Step -1 How high should the tower be built?

make an xp farm in minecraft
You need 22 blocks to build the skyscraper to the required height. The monsters will perish from fall damage if the tower component of your XP farm is built too high. You only earn experience points when you deliver the fatal blow personally, thus this is not what you desire. You will need to attack mobs more than once if the tower part is not built high enough. This would also be bad since it indicates that the XP farm is not operating as well as it might.

Additionally, bear in mind that the distance from the lower level to the top platform is 22 blocks. In other words, zombies should travel 22 blocks before crashing to the ground if they descend the tower portion of the XP farm. Regular zombies and skeletons will survive this fall, but just barely. As a result, even a wooden sword will be sufficient to kill them in one strike. For optimal effectiveness, you must build the tower’s core two by two blocks wide.


Step 2 – Making the Cross for the Upper Platform

make an xp farm in minecraft
You will next need to construct 4 slender walkways extending away from the central shaft after the tower has reached a height of 22 blocks. These pathways should be constructed 8 blocks apart and 2 blocks wide. After that, create 2 block-high barriers to surround these pathways. Your mob’s victim will be forced towards the center shaft through these corridors.

Place two water source blocks at the ends of each corridor using some water buckets. The amount of water flowing in the direction of the central shaft will be sufficient to fill the hole, but not enough to cause a cascade to form in the middle of the tower. Mobs will be forced into the pit and will fall 22 blocks if they stand in the moving water.


Step 3 – Making Surfaces for Mobs to Spawn

The upper platform now resembles a cross. However, there is a simple approach to increase the amount of surface area where mobs can spawn. Build a floor in between each of the “arms” of the cross. You should now have a square-shaped cross; just be careful not to cover the water-filled passages.


In order to prevent mob ledge detection from working properly, you need additionally install trapdoors around the inner boundaries of this new level (such that they hide the water hallways). Once the trapdoors are in place, open them so that mobs may enter them by pressing them up against the water hallway walls. The mobs will regularly stumble into the water hallways since they won’t be able to recognize these places as ledges.


Create the ceiling next, then construct walls two blocks high to entirely enclose the space. Finally, climbed up onto the roof and lit it up with torches to prevent mob spawns from occurring there. Keep in mind that leaving the inside lighted will prevent mobs from spawning.


Step -4 Wait at the bottom to harvest XP

How to Make an XP farm in Minecraft? Easy Guide 1
You’ll need a technique to hit the monsters that tumble to the ground at the base of the tower. Simply cut a 1-block-wide aperture at foot height all the way around the structure. This will prevent the mobs from hitting you or seeing you while still allowing you to attack them from either side of the tower. Additionally, the mobs will be crammed into the 2 by 2 space in the shaft so closely that you may regularly obtain double- and triple-kills.






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