How to Make Clay in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make Clay in Minecraft?

make clay in minecraft

While there are many various types of construction blocks accessible in Minecraft, clay is one of the harder blocks to come by.

Clay is a very frequent block, but it’s one of those you have to think about getting before you actually get it. Players frequently wait to collect clay until they absolutely need it since it usually drops as 4 clay balls. A flexible construction material with a wide range of artistic uses is clay. This article will explain where to find clay and how to utilize it in Minecraft.

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How to Make Clay in Minecraft?

make clay in minecraft

In the Java edition of Minecraft, there are three possible methods to get clay, but there are only two in the Bedrock version. You might anticipate finding clay in rivers and small lakes for Java and Bedrock. Normally, clay will only spawn close to or in water. On your map, search the aquatic areas for this greyish block.


Clay balls may also be found in a stone mason’s chest or a desert home chest for both the Java and Bedrock editions. Look for a stonecutter to tell whether or not a house belongs to a stone mason to readily distinguish between the villagers’ homes. Clay balls sometimes appear in searchers’ home chests in arid areas.

Clay balls may also be received as a gift from stone masons if you have achieved the hero of the village effect by repelling a raid. Only Minecraft’s Java version may experience this.

make clay in minecraft

Whatever the case, you should go out and look for clay. Clay is rather easy to find, and the other ways to find it are at best unreliable.


Clay uses in Minecraft

In Minecraft, clay may be used in a variety of ways. Let’s look at what clay balls may be used for first. You can boil clay balls in a furnace to create bricks if you’re interested in building using bricks. These bricks don’t accomplish anything on their own, but if you accumulate enough of them, you can access new recipes.
By placing bricks in a 2×2 configuration using 4 bricks, you may create a brick block in the crafting menu.

You may construct a flower pot out of three bricks if you’re seeking for a solution to liven up the interior of a building or home. For a flower container, arrange the bricks in the shape of a “V.” To give your constructions a bit more life and depth, you may plant flowers, cacti, saplings, long grass, and tall grass in these flower pots.

Of course, you may also create a clay block with 4 clay balls if you aren’t concerned about the availability of bricks. To create a clay block in your crafting menu, place 4 clay balls in a 2×2 pattern. This will work exactly like a standard clay block, but you also have access to several crafting recipes.

Clay blocks can be cooked to produce terracotta. Terracotta may be stained by coloring groups of 8 pieces with any readily available colors.

Terracotta can be cooked to create glazed terracotta, but it also looks excellent on its own or in its stained form.

It is important to remember that utilizing a tool with a fortune charm does not cause additional clay balls to fall. Although it falls within the bounds of fortune, it does not permit additional clay balls to fall. Instead of converting clay balls into clay blocks, you can still use silk touch tools to get a block of clay.





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