How to Make Glass Pane in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make Glass Pane in Minecraft?

Glass windows are handy when playing Minecraft since they may protect you from attacks while also letting light inside. Through glass panes, many mobs can’t even see your character. They provide so many original, attractive, and practical solutions. Glass panes may be acquired with a tool Silk Touch-enchanted. One drops nothing if it is shattered without a Silk Touch enchantment.


Glass panes organically develop as windows in the towns and woods mansions. Temples in Savanna villages are constructed from red and orange stained-glass windows. Yellow stained-glass windows are made in the farms and temples of the Savanna community. Brown stained-glass windows can be seen in settlements that have been abandoned. White stained-glass windows are created for the modest hamlet temples.

Complete Guide

What are the Required Materials?

Only Six Glass BlocksBeacons, daylight sensors, glass bottles, glass panes, and other helpful game elements like beacons and daylight sensors all require glass blocks to be made.

In the top furnace slot, place a block of sand, and in the bottom slot, place fuel for the furnace. Coal, charcoal, lava buckets, and practically anything made of wood may all be utilized as furnace fuel. Since 6 glass blocks are needed, 6 sand blocks must be heated.

How to Make Glass Pane in Minecraft?

Activate the crafting desk:

Open your crafting table and start creating glass panes using the ingredients you’ve collected and are keeping in your inventory. The 3×3 crafting grid is available as soon as you open your crafting table.

make glass pane in minecraft
Glass block in place:

make glass pane in minecraft
Six glass blocks should be placed in the 3×3 crafting grid. It is crucial that the glass blocks are arranged in the precise manner shown in the illustration below. There should be 3 glass blocks in both the first and second rows.


You should add it to your inventory.

Drag the 16 glass pane blocks that this recipe produces to your inventory.

make glass pane in minecraft

Stained glass windows: How Do I Make Them in Minecraft?

Use 6 stained blocks of glass in place of the recipe’s 6 ordinary blocks. By arranging 8 ordinary glass blocks on the grid, filling every cell except the one in the middle, you may create stained glass blocks (2nd cell of the second row). The remaining block should be filled with the dye you want to use to tint your glass.
To create a stained-glass window, arrange your stained-glass blocks on the grid in the same manner as your ordinary glass blocks.


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