How to Make Railings in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make Railings in Minecraft?

Many Minecraft players may explore the universe, and other dimensions, as well as the iron ingots and the stick, which serves as their mining base, by constructing a track system. When rails are installed and one track is joined to another in a perpendicular orientation, the two tracks immediately connect to form a straight line or a curve.


You should carefully arrange junctions since rails naturally attach to produce either a southern or eastern orientation when positioned at a cross-section. Additionally, uphill and downhill rails are both possible.


Complete Guide

How to Make Railings in Minecraft?

What materials are necessary?

In order to create rails in Minecraft, you’ll need:

6 Iron Bars
1 Stick


Step 1

Open your crafting table and start assembling the ender chest using the items you have collected and are keeping in your inventory. The 3×3 crafting grid will be there after your crafting table is opened, as seen in the illustration below:

make railings in minecraft


Step 2

Place one iron ingot in the first box, one in the third box, and leave the second box empty. One iron ingot should be placed in the first box and one in the third box of the second row. One iron ingot should be placed in the first box, one in the third box, and the second box should be left empty in the third row.

make railings in minecraft

Step 3

Making rails requires placing the stick and iron ingots precisely as shown in the illustration below. 16 rails are created from 6 iron ingots and 1 stick.

make railings in minecraft

Step 4

Drag the rail to your inventory after taking it:

make railings in minecraft

In Minecraft, how do you break the rails?

Although pickaxes will break rails more quickly, you do not need to utilize a specific tool in order to get rails after breaking. Another way to damage a rail is to destroy the block it is affixed to.
In Minecraft, do Rails Naturally Generate?


In woodland mansions and on the floors of mineshafts, rails can be found in their natural locations. They can also be found in mineshaft-generated chests.


The Bottom Line

Open the 3×3 grid-based crafting area to begin creating rails. Place a wooden stick in the middle of the crafting grid after placing six iron ingots in each of the first and third columns. Simply click and drag the rails into your inventory at this point.

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