How to Make White Concrete in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make White Concrete in Minecraft?


In Minecraft, white concrete is one of the most used construction materials. In a wide variety of buildings and projects, many players decorate the walls, roofs, and floors using this block.

Contrary to white wool, concrete is not combustible, which is a property that gamers adore and seek in a construction material. Players may learn how to create white concrete in Minecraft by reading this guide.


Complete Guide

How to make white concrete in Minecraft

make white concrete in minecraft

The first step in creating white concrete in Minecraft is to mix concrete powder. Players will need to collect some white dye, at least four each of gravel and sand.

Sand may be discovered in Minecraft in both deserts and beaches. Gravel may be discovered in lava pools, on beaches, in discs on the ocean bottom, and even in the nether near some caves. When offered a golden ingot, piglins can also barter between eight and sixteen gravel, according to the wiki article.


Another crucial ingredient required to create white concrete is a white dye. Either lily of the valley flowers or bone meal can be used to make white dye. There are lily of the valley blooms all across the planet, although they are most prevalent in floral biomes like flower forests. Another alternative for producing white dye is bone meals.

make white concrete in minecraft

The bones that skeletons drop or even bone blocks can be used to make bone feasts. In the desert and swamp biomes, bone blocks can be discovered in fossilized buildings. To create a bone meal, players must set the bone block on a crafting table.

make white concrete in minecraft
The bone meal may also be produced using composters and food or another kind of plant.
The white concrete powder can be created after players have at least four gravel, four sand, and one white dye.


The white concrete powder must be placed as depicted in the photo in a water bucket or other water source, or players must pour water over it. Any kind of Minecraft pickaxe may mine the white concrete powder once it comes into contact with water since it promptly turns into concrete.

make white concrete in minecraft

The Bottom Line

Sand, gravel, and any color dye may be used in Minecraft to create Concrete. When you mix the concrete powder with water, it will solidify into blocks of concrete. Given its wide range of hues, concrete is a fantastic decoration material in Minecraft.
Only a white cement mix will provide a real white hue. To get the sleek “ash” aesthetic that is popular in contemporary homes, blend white concrete color into a grey concrete mixture.


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