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Minecraft Server Status Checker

minecraft server status checker

More than 5,400 servers checked.

Minecraft Server Status Checker: Check server's Online/Offline status 1

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What is Minecraft server status checker?

Our Minecraft server status checker is a program that can check the status weather it’s offline or online, how many players are online and what version is the server. 

How to use the Minecraft server? 

Paste the server link in the field and choose which server edition. and then click on “Get status” 

It will show you the online/offline mode of the server.
Also the how many players are online. and also the version of the server. 

How we collect the data?

We are using Minecraft server status checker API to ping the server and it’s information. If the server has bedrock edition and you choose wrong edition then the server will show offline. So make sure to choose the correct version. 

How to integrate the API in your own web application?

Minecraft server status checker can fetch data from the API. The API can be found here