Minion Masters – How to Redeem Codes

Minion Masters – How to Redeem Codes; is a fast-paced game, easy to learn for beginners but hard for master level. The game is developed and published by BetaDwarf in 2016. This game can be played on various platforms including Xbox one, Windows-OS and Mac-OS. It is a great game which joins both aspects of hearthstone and clash royal game together. In my experience, this is a game with the excellent graphics and will not let you bored.

In this article we will discuss about the list of codes which can be used to unlock different items in this game. So, Let’s begin with the introduction.

Redeem Codes in Ninion Masters


To redeem the following codes, copy the code and go to the shop (Chest) in the game. Here, click on ‘Redeem’ on the right corner. It will allow you to paste that code, Paste it and click on ‘Redeem Now’.

You can link your Twitch account to earn extra rewards from streamers and join a guild earn even more. Daily Quests, Achievements, Weekly challenges will also give you extra rewards on completion.

Free List of Reusable Codes

On the left side, the reward is written which you will get. Whereas, the right side contains the code which you have to apply to get rewards.


  • Crystal Archer: RB8-3ME
  • Bannerman: vc296x
  • Propeller Horde: 4LK-YEK-82N
  • Battle Shi-hou: FMA-PLJ-GM5
  • Scrat Launcher: KCV-6R9-YRE
  • Tranquil Shi-Hou: PXR-H42-SSJ

Power Tokens

  • Free Power Token: K4V-QTA
  • Free Power Token: wbnz4c


  • 2,000 gold: UT7-QRT-PF9

Combo Packs

  • 1,200 Gold + 1 Power Token: W3Q-Y8K-967
  • Spirit Vessel + Crystal Sentry + 1 Power Token: 7XC-T9H-CF3
  • Crossbow Dudes + 3 Crossbow Guilds + Avatar: CRO-SSD-UDE


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