Mobile Game: Call Of Duty Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Top Trending Mobile Game: Call Of Duty Tips and Tricks

Release Date: October 1st, 2019

Publisher: Activision Publishing

Genre: Action

Call Of Duty:Mobile

Call of Duty is presented by Activision Publishing and developed by Timi Studios.

About Game:

Call of Duty is the most top trending mobile game. The game “Call Of Duty: Mobile” a 100 player battle royale mode just like similar to top trending mobile game Fornite and PUBG Mobile and also includes FPS PvP. The player can play alone or with a team of two or four and can choose special multiplayer modes that last for days, weeks, and also can be a game season.

Call Of Duty:Mobile
Call Of Duty:Mobile

Call Of Duty Platforms!

The game was released on the Google Play Store and App Store for Android & IOS users. The game is free to play and also offer in-game purchases. It has two types of in-game purchases, one is COD Points which you need to buy with real money, and the other one Credits which you can earn by playing.

Call Of Duty:Mobile

Call Of Duty Tips and Tricks for Gameplay Modes!

  1. Multiplayer Mode Tips and Tricks
  • Upgrade your Weapons.
  • Use slides, sprint, and grenades.
  • Select weapons carefully and upgrades your weapons.
  • Always keep moving so your enemy can’t target you.
  • Learn the Maps.
  1. Battle Royale Mode Tips and Tricks
  • Play as a team and communicate with each other.
  • Eye on the other players, maps, and footsteps.
  • Collect dog tags so you can revive your teammates.
  • Don’t forget to use healing items.
  • Use the first-person view rather than a third-person view.

Get ready for reckless challenges in this top trending game and experience the thrill of this shooting action game by following the gameplay tricks!


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