Monster Prom – Ways to Date Robots

Monster Prom is a simulation video game developed by a studio ‘Beautiful Glitch’. The game released in 2018 for only operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. This article will increase your curiosity if I ask you that how can you date your PC? Yes, You heard it right. How can you date a machine? So, start exploring by reading. Let’s Start!

Unlocking the Floppy Disk

You can unlock this floppy disk by making love interest to someone and take it to the prom with you.


Pretend Yourself a Computer acting as Boyfriend

First you will have to buy the floppy disk from the shop, which costs just 8$. You can have this money by only going to the library once or twice.
After having floppy disk, visit library with this disk. It will create first event in which you will meet Scott and Damien.

Next thing you’re gonna do is to visit the Library with your floppy disk! This will trigger the first event in which you’ll meet Scott and Damien!

The second event will trigger in classroom where principal will walk-in and introduce you to a new classmate. Hopefully, Your prom date.

Now the tricky part has arrived. After the successful completion of event two, you are unaware that where the 3rd trigger will create. This mystery make it curious.


The last event will trigger just before the prom night. You will face wolfgang which knows that Calculester’s not a monster. You have to save him, otherwise, you will lost your prom night.

After this, you are king and here’s your prom date.



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