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Mount & Blade: Warband is the video game developed by Turkish company TaleWorlds Entertainments amd published by Paradox Interactive in 2010. In this article, I will discuss steps to earn thousands of Denars, train your troops more to become the supreme ruler.

How to Unlock Cheats

To unlock the cheats you will have to configure the game. When you open the game, go to the menu (the one with the women on the horse). Click on configure and then hide Blood and Enable cheats. A pop-up will open that will require confirmation, tick that box and you are ready to go. Now, you have enabled the cheats and it will require some key combinations for the action.

Key Combinations

These are the cheats used in battle.

  • Ctrl+H – It will heal your character.
  • Ctrl+Shift+H – Horse’s health boosts.
  • Ctrl+F4 -Delivers damage to random enemy.
  • Ctrl+Alt+F4 – Delivers damage to all enemies.
  • Ctrl+F6 – It will deliver damage to all random allies.
  • Ctrl+Shift+F6 – Delivers damage to all allies.
  • Ctrl+F5 – It takes the command of your character. Then you can play with the party keys.
  • Ctrl+F3 – It damages the player character itself.
  • Ctrl+F9 – used for slow motion.
  • Ctrl+F11 – It freezes the time

Key Combinations

Following are the non-battle cheats.

  • Ctrl+X – It will reward you 1000 experience points when your character will be on the screen.
  • Ctrl+X – Selected solider will get 100 experience points.
  • Ctrl+X – On the inventory scree, it will give you 1000 Denars.
  • Ctrl+W – It will award yo 10 points on each weapon proficiency.
  • Ctrl+Left Click – Convert the map screen to the party screen.
  • Ctrl+T – You can see all parties and tracks on the map screen.
  • Ctrl+L – It will automatically level-up.

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