Mount & Blade: Warband – Soloing Guide

Mouont & blade: warband

Soloing is a dangerous, challenging thing to pull off in M&B: WB, but with this easy tutorial, you’ll (probably) find yourself piling up more bandit corpses than you can count.

Disclaimer: Although the methods in this guide are somewhat similar to other M&B Projects, this guide is oriented to the Native Module, and certain bits of knowledge may not be useful in other Franchise Projects & Entries.

Essential Equipment

Get a Horse

This is by far the most critical aspect of the solo combat against bandits. A horse lets you get & keep out of tight conditions, lets you plunge in at opportune moments, lets you kite the opponent, lets you track down routers & stragglers, and a lot more. In short, a horse puts you ten steps ahead of the enemy, and you desperately need it to live as a solo.

Get a Shield 

This one is far less critical than owning a pet, but it’s not a cruel one-the-less. You can still keep your shield in front of the enemy archers, and just get it down when you face it directly away from the enemy, strike, sofa, and when you’ve got your arm out of sight. You’re not even going to use it that soon, though, as the enemy’s ranged fighting capabilities are neutralized

.Get a Shield

This one is far less critical than owning a pet, but it’s not a cruel one-the-less. You can still keep your shield in front of the enemy archers, and just get it down when you face it directly away from the enemy, strike, sofa, and when you’ve got your arm out of sight. You’re not even going to use it that soon, though, as the enemy’s ranged fighting capabilities are neutralized.

Get a Bow or Crossbow

This will allow you to reach the enemy while still causing casualties on the opponent. Try to take out enemy archers before you use this weapon because you can’t get your shield and bow out at the same time.

Techniques & Maneuvers


Kiting is a very necessary aspect of soloing because that’s what you’re going to invest 90% of your time in combat. Actually, the actual kiting process is pretty quick. Repeatedly surround the enemy party.

When the enemy already has its launch pads, it’s a smart idea to keep an extra 40-70 meters away from the target, so the AI isn’t very effective at leading their attacks, so nearly all of their bullets would be wasted on the ground behind your mount. Doing this is also very effective even though you have an entire army since it makes the enemy spend their extremely small supplies of throwing arrows, preventing many of your own men from dying even before the war even begins.

Exposing Their Archers

Now, unlike the melee infantry that runs right towards you, the archers, as long as you remain within their range, can only stand in one position. And because these guys are your # 1 threat when you’re soloing, you want to get them out of the ASAP way.

So here’s how you do this: Kite the enemy in an irregular circle, draw them in a specific direction, until the enemy infantry is separated from their archers. Once this is completed, attack the archers 1 by 1 while strafing & wiggling as hard as you can, and start to pick them up. Shoot, draw the infantry away, shoot, scrub, and repeat until all archers are swept out of the battle.

Exposing Their Faces

After you knock out the enemy archers, you’ll find that you have to contend with a strong wall of shields right now. But the M&B AI is trained to hang on to their shield at all times, until they are close to the enemy, lowering their shield and lifting their guns, ready to attack, and in a closer range, finally attempting to attack with their guns.

You want to ride on by them, to the point that they’re nearly blown up by the horse’s ears, right at the point where they’re lifting their arms and dropping their shield. This is when you’re going to kick, either with your ranged or melee weapon.


This one goes hand-in-hand with the old strategy since you’re going to need it when you get too close to their line, particularly with the spearmen.

Weaving consists of running towards the individual straggler, or the edge of the enemy line, and softly tossing the horse during the charge to prevent rocket fire (load weave), weaving towards the enemy just when you make touch (Touch weave), and weaving to stop their melee reprisals (escape weave) or the melee attacks of the other members of their group. However, the charge weave can be overlooked if the opponent no longer has a variety of weapons, but it is very necessary when charging archers.

Types of Bandits & How to Deal with Them


These guys are the ones I’d suggest going after any time you can since they’re fairly easy targets for soloing, and their arms are really small, they don’t have shields, and their melee arms are mainly short-range blades.

Now, if you’re all decked out in a complete suite of late-game armor, their rocks just bounce off of you, causing 0-1 dmg per strike. Only kite them and fire the crowd instinctively, and your archery/throwing/crossbow skills will easily develop.

If you’re not especially well-armed, so it’s better to wiggle around as much as you can while you’re kiting, and continuously tie the attack, but the damage to their stones shouldn’t be that much of a threat to you.

Forest Bandits

With forest bandits, it’s actually best to dismount and take advantage of the environment in which you’ve found them. It’s the forest. Just hide behind a tree, lookout, take a shot of a pot, and hide behind a tree to reload. Some of them will eventually try to flank you, so make sure you stay vigilant over your flanks and take the flankers out of them ASAP.

Tundra Bandits & Sea Raiders

I’m throwing these 2 into the same bin because Sea Raiders are basically just upgraded to Tundra Bandits. So, with these guys, you want to do an initial loop around them, with a very wide distance between you and them, to make the infantry spend their layoffs. Then, you want to lure the infantry away from the archers, take out the archers, and kill the infantry as usual.

Mountain Bandits

Same as the Tundra & Sea Raiders, but with yourself being put at a disadvantage because of the steep terrain that almost reaches your speed advantage right beneath you. It’s about.

At the very start of the fight, scope out the field, and see if you can do it properly. If not, withdraw and assault again, reclaim the field of battle. Repeat once more if it is still not necessary. If you do this again, you’re going to go back to the first of the 3 maps that it created and loop through them in the same order, so pick the easiest, flattest terrain you can.


These guys are on horseback, much as you are, so make sure you just pick up little parties. As usual, first, go after the archers, and then move on to the melee ones.


If you’re struck by a couched lance, it’s over. These things do about 400 damage, which is enough to make you scream, as well as a low-end shield. If you see a lance with your name on it, just bring your shield up and get out of the way.

Know that battling these guys is the medieval equivalent to being in a modern-day dogfight, so make 
sure you stay watchful at all times, or else single fell swoop from behind will be your downfall.

Steppe Bandits

Alright, now here’s how you solo fights a group of steppe bandits: You don’t. Seriously, you might as well fight a helicopter with an M60 gunner on the side. Just don’t.

Fighting Dismounted

Okay, you just made your horse into a shish kebab, so now what? Ok, before you lay down your arms and embrace your fate, there are a few things you can do to keep alive in a last-ditch attempt.


Keep going backward, and making it so that only one opponent can fight you at a time. If you can effectively encircle them into a single file line, then you have an exponentially better chance of surviving undisturbed than if you were to rush in and cover yourself with robbers.

Horse Impaling

Okay, at 40 mph, you’ve got a horse running straight to you, what now? Bring your combat weapon out, preferably a knife, and fling your mouse down softly as you press and hold. It’s supposed to put the spear in the “knife” position. Wait until the time is right, press the mouse button, catch the horse, automatically kill it, and give the rider a mouth full of blood. Kill him, man. Fire it right now.

Dodging a couched lance

You’ve got a couched lance heading towards you now, and your shield is too low to impel the horse until the lance hits you. Don’t give up ever yet. If you have time, unpack your shield, wait until the time is right, then leap to the right (or to the left of the rider) to block mid-air.

Do anything too fast, and the horseman’s going to change their course too late, and then you get trampled by the horse or you get trampled by the lance.


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