NFS Heat Game Background and Tips and Tricks to Grow

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NFS Heat is the latest version of the need for speed series. It is its 24th part so far which clearly shows how successful this series is. Ghost Games a Swedish game development company that is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts has developed this series. Their headquarter is located at Gothenburg in Sweden.

The first part of the need for speed came in the year 1994 and since then it is growing. Need for speed games is the most popular series among gamers and every time they expect something news from the developers. In their latest version, NFS Heat, Ghost Games has published it for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In November 2019 they released this version and has got very overwhelming reviews from the critics.

Electronic Arts also released an android and ios app of NFS Heat Studio where players can customize their cars and can use it in their games.

NFS heat Studio


It is a racing game in which you can find all the luxury racing cars with its original name and logo. In total there are 127 cars of 33 companies in the NFS Heat. As the developer has officially signed a patent for using names and logos of car companies. In the NFS Heat, there is a city known as Palm City. In which both legal and illegal racing takes place. Players basically take part in these games and earn money to upgrade cars or to buy a new one.

NFS Race

NFS games always try to portrait the event in a real-time zone. So they always show 24 hours circle like in the previous version ( Need for speed payback) where one will have to wait till night to do night racing. But not in NFS heat, here one can instantly jump to nigh to do illegal racing or can go for day racing to earn from the legal race. Graphics of the latest version are top notch.  The game map has both mountains and plains so one can find any kind of race track they love to drive in.

Evade Police

With time level of the game increases and so does the police chase in the night illegal races. Like its previous game version NFS heat also has a storyline which is quite interesting and would highly recommend to play and see what they have narrated in it.

Ferrari has finally returned to the game which was absent in the NFS Payback because of the patent issue. The latest cars only unlock if you have a good reputation and won races.


Speed Hunter Showdown NFS

Speed Hunter showdown is an event for all the racer in the city. It is a combination of both legal and illegal racing throughout the day. And the player has come to take part in the event. Lt. Frank Mercer is another character in NFS heat who is ahead of a police department, has announced that he will arrest all the street racers.

Lucas Rivera is a local mechanic and former street racer helps the player to get his first car for the speed hunter showdown. In later stages, he also performs as a mentor for the player. Lucas’ sister Ana Rivera who has recently lost his crew after having a face-off situation and close shave with police. As she is a street racer the player joins her team and together they gradually grow in palm city street racer.


Tips and Tricks

There are some tips and tricks which in my opinion one should always know before playing NFS heat. This can help you in achieving the maximum score and also improves your gaming experience.  So here is everything I wish I knew before playing the need for speed Heat.

Strategies to evade police: One of the easiest ways to lose cop is to take a jump as cop cars often breakdown, crash or spin out while trying to jump. But don’t lose the speed after jumping, try to maintain the speed and this way one can easily lose the cops. Some of the cops will stop chasing you. So try to keep eye on jump spots whenever police are chasing you.

Cop Chase NFS Heat

Helicopter Chase: If the only helicopter is chasing you try to find the underpass. If you are playing a solo game then it’s a huge advantage as you can pause the game and mark out the places where you can hide easily. You can also locate where spikes and barricades are.  Also from where Rhino is coming, you can easily spot on the map by pausing the game.

Night Gameplay Tips: If you are looking to build up your heat level quickly or just trying to build your reputation there are three sprint races that you will unlock midway through the game. Discovery A, B, and C, they offer great awards after completing one you will be at heat 3. That means you can directly jump into a high heat race. And these are the races that you can only access when you are at rank 50. Heat 3 will get you every available ultimate part but won’t drop the plus parts that you can only access when you are at heat 5.

NFS heat tips


Live Tuning: To access it on Xbox and PS4 press right on the d-pad twice. Need for speed PC users press num 6 on your keyboard. Keep in mind this window is for car specific and not global you will have to do for each car individually.  From there you can adjust any kind of controls like whether have or not to have traction control.

Reputation NFS

How to make good money: Talking about money one of the best-known methods is to grind the drift zone. Brotherhood drive zone is the best because it loops right back into itself and can be done in only 10 – 15 sec. That means you can make over $24000 in less than a minute. And $1.5 million in an hour also this can be run at night too for easy prep grinding earning you over 8000 reputations per lap on heat 5. Another way to make a good amount is to run a time trial. Where you can get big bonuses by beating your time trials

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