No Man’s Sky – a full guide on the new economy system

No man´s sky

Using an Economy Scanner

The economy scanner is a modern piece of hardware in the Atlas Rises 1.3 patch that is the centerpiece for merchants to schedule their trading routes.

The in-game guide quickly describes the economy detector, but for the last hour, I’ve been trying to find out how the machine really functions. I’ve read a lot of forum threads and speaking to users in No Man’s Sky Discord about how it works.

First of all, you’re going to want to find a blueprint vendor that actually sells a blueprint to build one. It’s supposed to cost about 400 nanite clusters to buy one, but I’m not sure if it depends on the solar system you’re in.

Once you’ve got the blueprint, you’re going to want about 200 Thamium and Heridium to build the tech. (I advise you to build it in a technical slot on your ship to avoid wasting the cargo space.)

When you’ve mounted it on your car, go to space and go to your galactic map to change the filter using the up or down arrow to “Economy.” That will adjust the colors of the systems, and the colors will reflect the form of business in this particular system.

The Planetary Charts Economy Filter

The shades are as follows:

  • Red = Power Generation (I believe fuels and isotopes are the main thing to be sold here).
  • Orange = Mining (Ores are easier to purchase here, but they don’t sell for much).
  • Cyan = Nano Construction (I assume that some of the manufactured items are sold for more).
  • Orange = Economic, Shipping / Mercantile (Economic goods and services are best sold)
  • Yellow = Industrial / Manufacturing (Raw materials and ores are much better priced here)
  • Blue = Scientific (not exactly sure what the discrepancy is between cyan and blue systems).
  • Purple = Mineral Processing / Material Fusion (I think this is a combination of raw and manufactured goods that are best marketed in such systems).

These systems work hand-in-hand, suggesting systems like orange work well for red and yellow systems. You can buy ores cheaply in orange systems and market them even higher in red and yellow systems, which means that you can set up trading routes using a base terminus or by warping between systems.

Specific guidance on the capital of programs

There are modern consumer products that sell exceptionally well, such as circuit boards and liquid bombs, which can be sold for well over 1 million units in other schemes.

I highly advocate sticking around in a rich environment as the ships that spawn have high stats and resources and prefer to sell for cheaper.

The prosperity of structures dictates how many items are delivered there and how nice the ships that pass around and land at stations are.

I converted into a wealthy man, landed at the space station, and then purchased one of the new “Exotic” S-Class rockets.

Farming plants are a very good way to make money today. Combining plants and ores to produce fresh consumer products is a remarkably productive way to make a lot of cash.

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