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Octopath Traveler - Interactive Map
Octopath Traveler – Interactive Map

Octopath Traveler is an adventure game that combines inscriptions and personal forms, and through it you can play role-playing and play the role of one adventurer out of 8 adventurers who perform their jobs in different ways from each other so you find in them a cleric and find in them a thief and find in them a killer and despite their great difference, but they united!


You can choose an adventurer among them to perform his character in this game, whether a trader is looking for a gain or a thief is looking for a fortune because the game is full of adventures and adventurers and each of them uses different types of weapons or uses his individual skills and abilities to accomplish what he wants for example ax-wielding apothecary Alwyn uses his friendly Demeanor to coax useful information out of villagers.The light-fingered Therion can pickpocket valuable kit, he can be caught and the population will not trust him, despite this but it is worth the risk.

Characters can take secondary roles to boost their strength and you can gain many skills and abilities from different jobs.

Octopath Traveler has many other systems and side activities inexplicably, these activities do not bring any reward and although they are boring missions, they require the use of abilities that characters can use outside of the fighting. For example, a thief can steal items from characters that are not playable!

You should know that each person represents a different story from the other person and each story is self-contained and works well in isolation and some characters can interfere but only superficially and if you find that something is missing from Octopath Traveler it is a good thread that links all stories together.

The new thing is that you will find many caves and other places and inside you will find many enemies that you must kill to enjoy exploring these places.


Octopath Traveler – Interactive Map

The following is an interactive map through which you can know levels of enemies and all places you want to explore, and you can also plan your trip. Enjoy !

Interactive Map
Interactive Map


Interactive Map Link.

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