#1 Outward : How to get the biggest backpack


Outward Tricks

Outward game tips: Tired of leaving loot behind you because the 50-person travel package can’t handle it all? Do you feel unprepared in battle without a backup weapon and 300 arrows? Well, I’ve got a deal for you! Double the weight with the Mefino’s Trade Backpack 110. Great!


outward -To thieves’ camp

#1 Outward : How to get the biggest backpack 1


When you first depart from the initial town of Cierzo, you can stay on the road directly in front of you to Camp Bandit to the northeast. You can quickly run over anything you might encounter along the way because you will drop your bag anyway.

#1 Outward : How to get the biggest backpack 2

You can enter, you will need to escape to the left. There are enemies here, which will be a difficult battle if you do so early in the game. You can also skip it quickly, or try to clear the track if you feel like you’re on a mission level.

#1 Outward : How to get the biggest backpack 3

Run to the end of this ground rock and turn around. You will be able to walk across from it. Return to the building you passed through and you will see its roof next to the rock.

#1 Outward : How to get the biggest backpack 4


Roll over the surface. Very straightforward.

#1 Outward : How to get the biggest backpack 5

Head to the tube on the roof. You will get an interaction claim to speak to the tube as an NPC documents. Press the button once, then turn right and jump off the building.

#1 Outward : How to get the biggest backpack 6


Go inside and you will see an entrance to the left with two green things. These are the “nuclei of strength” that you usually had to collect to open this door. Speaking to the “NPC” tube on the roof places these cores automatically in place and opens the door. Abbreviation!



  • Inside this room, you will find Mefino’s Trade backpack. Pick it up and play it for your life (or take a casual walk depending on how you got in). There is also a group of scholars and a straw hat if you want to catch it while you are leaving. mission accomplished.


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