Overwatch 5 Beginner Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks


1. Pick A Hero And Love The Character.

There are 31 Heros in Overwatch currently, they all have their ins and outs. Their basic abilities might seem very straight-forward at first, and they are. But when combined with all the other heroes in your team and even the interactions with your enemy team. These few abilities become very complex and have a lot of purposes.

Nothing becomes more valuable than knowing your hero to the slightest details, what hero complements your playstyle, what enemies are strong against you. Pick a hero for each role, if you aren’t familiar with other roles, then become. You will have to be very lenient with your roles, a team that covers every aspect of the game is the team that wins.

Picking your character begins by finding the heroes you enjoy the most. The fun factor is the most important part of trying to understand your hero, you will naturally feel the gamer’s grit that pushes you to become better at your hero.

Basic things to know is how much you damage you can sustain, do your abilities give you more protection/heals or do they do heavy damages? What is your cooldown?


2.  Your Ultimate Ability Should Be Used For The Ultimate Chance.

Every hero has an ability that can change the tide of the game, it will feel very tempting to use once it is up. But let me tell you, that if you hold your fingers away from your R button, this small decision can make your entire games in your favor. It will make you distinguished from other lower ELO players. Your ultimate should be used when the chance is right, otherwise, it could hardly just another basic ability.

Your ultimate can be combined with other Heros ultimate to a greater effect. One that can change the entire game from a loss to a win. You will have to get familiar with every other hero ultimate so you can see these synergies.


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3. The Map Is As Important As Your Hero.

There are 21 maps in the game. You may be overwhelmed by this instruction but, every seasonal player knows the map very well. They know how to get around. This will open a huge window of opportunities to flank, collapse to just retreat from a team fight.

It makes absolute sense to have a favorite map, but always know that players don’t choose the location of the next match. So always be ready. Get on a level where it is in your nature to run around these different paths. Utilize your hero’s abilities if they add to that mobility.

This alone should make your games a lot easier.


4. Communication Wins Games.

The E-sports scene has been huge for some years, and Overwatch is one of the most loved and watched games. The one thing you will find common in every multiplayer game is the emphasis on communication. No game lacks this aspect.

Communication will allow a single player to share what they now know about the enemy. Yes, voice communication isn’t always possible with random players but in Overwatch, every player has an access to the commo rose system, which lets you choose the respective insight you need to give your team. Make this a habit when playing competitively. Every seasoned player knows it’s importance.


Overwacth Beginner tips

5. Use The Skirmish Game Mode.

Go against enemy dummies and practice your precision with your controller or a mouse. Hone your muscle reflexes and have an easy ground on which you can improve. Try doing a streak of 3,5,10… of headshot kills on the dummies. When you can get 10 with comfort, make that number higher.

Abuse this mode and every learned skill will translate into the real game. It also allows you to understand your abilities and their respective area of effect and damage.

Use that as a practice tool and you will see improvements in your mechanical ability in a lot less than you would expect.

Now, take yourself from just a beginner and hone the skills that mark you apart. Get a win, but also know why you deserved it.


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