How to Oxidize Copper Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Oxidize Copper Minecraft?

How to Oxidize Copper Minecraft? Easy Guide 1

Copper bricks are part of the massive 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update for Minecraft. They are primarily conventional construction and decorative blocks, although they do differ significantly from other blocks in one important way.

Copper blocks will gradually oxidize and change from a mottled brown color to an aqua-blue-green color when exposed to the open air and without being waxed by a honeycomb. A copper block won’t be shielded from oxidation even by having other blocks nearby or surrounding it.

Currently, waxing is the only method of stopping oxidation, and the blocks themselves oxidize according to a “random tick” system that is divided into chunks. Copper blocks will be randomly selected to start oxidizing at random intervals over time.

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How to Oxidize Copper Minecraft?

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The ticking mechanism in Minecraft can be quite complicated, but because copper chunks are randomized, it is a little bit simpler to grasp. Once a copper block has been selected using the random tick technique, it takes around 20 minutes for it to reach the pre-oxidation stage.

The block will now look for additional adjacent unwaxed copper blocks within a grid of four blocks in all directions. The block won’t weather any further if it encounters a copper block that is less oxidized.

oxidize copper minecraft

Unwaxed copper chunks in Minecraft will all eventually rust, regardless. Really, the only question is how rapidly it may occur. Players who want to prevent oxidation must apply a honeycomb to the required blocks, sealing and waxing them against the elements.


However, if there are any blocks that have already started oxidizing, players of Minecraft can use an axe to remove the oxidized layers from them. Every time an axe is used on the block, one layer or level of oxidation is chipped away. Players should use caution, though, since this technique may also be used to remove wax layers from a block.

Lightning strikes are the ultimate remedy for oxidation. Any and all oxidation present in an unwaxed copper block will be removed by a lightning strike. Although it works, using lightning to remove oxidation is less practical than just chipping away with an axe. However, it is up to the players of Minecraft to make that decision, and the lightning approach unquestionably has a flashier appearance.

oxidize copper minecraft

The Bottom Line

The most effective approach to oxidize copper blocks is to arrange them at least five blocks apart from one another since the oxidation process is delayed by other copper blocks located within four blocks of Manhattan distance.

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