Plague Inc: Evolved – Tricks to defeat parasites

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 01:14 pm

Beating Parasite on Normal and Casual

If you are finding tricks to beat parasite. Then this article is only for you. This article will guide about both on Normal and Casual. Parasite is similar to virus. However, parasite has an added function called symbiosis. It can prevent the symptoms of the discovery of parasite. I have divided the whole procedure in two parts for ease. I hope this guide will work for you, any comments are welcome.

Let’s begin!

Quick Overview

First and most important:

  • Symptoms will be allowed during process.
  • Also, symbiosis is found under abilities.

Part I

  1. Start your Parasite in South Africa or in any hot country.
  2. Take your DNA Points to 30.
  3. Get Water Transmission 1.
  4. Get Water Transmission 2.
  5. Build DNA Points to 30.
  6. Get Air Transmission 1.
  7. Get Air Transmission 2.
  8. Build DNA Points to 100.
  9. Get Drug Resistance 1.
  10. Get Cold Resistance 1.

Part II

  1. Get Cold Resistance 2.
  2. Get Heat Resistance 1.
  3. Get Heat Resistance 2.
  4. Get Symbiosis 1.
  5. Get Symbiosis 2.
  6. Build DNA Points to 50.
  7. Get Drug Resistance 2.
  8. Build your DNA points until everyone is infected.
  9. Spend remaining points til you reach Total Organ Failure.
  10. Spend the rest on whatever you see fit.
  11. Get some popcorn.

This picture is explaining 9th point of Part 2

Plague-9th point

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