Prison Architect – A Proper Guide to Set Up a Kitchen and Canteen

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 01:14 pm

This article will thoroughly discuss about the building of Kitchen and Canteen to maximize efficiency and controlling the temperatures. Further, it will also guide us that how to meet prisoner needs during their stay in prisons and to manage their logistics system.

Building Your Kitchen

You will be keep listening that kitchen is the heart of the home. Kitchen is the main facility which is provided in the prison even. It is necessary to keep your prisoners fed, happy and tension free. The key to build a successful and efficient kitchen is to maintain the ratio. The ratio depends on the policy of food. But the default ratio is:

  • 1 serving table = ~40 prisoners.
  • 1 serving table = 2 cookers.
  • 1 cooker = 2 refrigerators.
  • 1 sink required for every serving table.
  • 1 chef needed for every cooker.

You can efficiently design your kitchen by following this ratio.

The other main factor is Space. You must have exit mode in case of fire spread. The exit points should not be far away as it will acquire more space. Another fault is that the cooker will have to cover a long distance from point A to B. Metal detectors are extremely important in kitchen, whether you are prisoner working there. There are such tools like knives, spoons and forks and can be used to threaten anybody. Therefore, strict precautionary measures has to be taken.

Building Your Canteen

The minimum requirement in canteen in terms of furniture is Table, bench and serving table. However, these are not only the gadgets to keep prisoners happy.

Do you remember that previous ratio?

  • 1 serving table = ~40 prisoners.

Just follow this ratio.

Also, you can see that 1 table and 2 benches with the dimension of 4×3 can serve 8 persons. Many players will play this game and design canteen as they want but they will find that their prisoners are still unhappy. The only key is seating management.

Moreover, you do not only care that your prisoner eat meal , but how much times he eats , also counts. More eating will let them bored and then they will find any other thing to do. Less eating will unhappy them in a case that they will feel hunger.

Sorting Out Logistics

For new players, logistics can be very potential, especially if they have not build complex systems before. If you want to maximize efficiency, for this you will have to edit logistics. The logistics is responsible to guide prisoners that where to eat and where the crook will send the food.



Yellow lines are indicating that where canteens will source food. Whereas, red lines indicate where prisoners will get food.

Demand and supply and balance both of them is very important. You must have the amount of data that that how much prisoners are there and what will they eat? And also that how much order you have placed and when will it arrive? That is why 1 canteen for 1 kitchen is necessary.

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