#1 PUBG Guns Details, Damage, Reload time Full EXPLAINED

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PUBG (Players Unkown’s Battle Ground) launched in the year 2017 for Microsoft Windows by Steam. In 2018 they released its Android, IOS version. And till now PUBG is the most played video game. Currently, it has 3,74,734 active players. Few right? Well in 2018 they were 1,58,4886 in numbers. But because of tough competition from its rivals PUBG fan following has come down. And the elephant in the room that every user can see is choosing the right weapon that can help him survive throughout the game. Although every one changes their weapons many times in a game which makes it more important to have the right knowledge about guns.


Based on data available on https://pubg.op.gg/ here is the list of weapons in their respective category. We have classified them into five parameters i.e Popularity, Spawn rate, and Average kill distance, Reload Time, Damage.

pistol PUBG


  1. PISTOL:                                                                                                                                   Use as a secondary weapon in the early stages when guns are not available it plays a major role. Also in a closed combat pistol kill faster because of it less recoil. In total 6 pistols are available in the game. When the new game starts in the early stages one needs to pick up the weapon. Opting picking Pistol is far safer than facing an enemy with a blunt tool or bare hand. Even some prefer to have the only pistol matches. Which is way more interesting than the traditional one. When the risk increases the secretion of adrenaline too. nd one can actually feel the excitement.


Name Popularity Spawn Rate Average Kill Distance Reload


Skorpion 64%       150m 3.1s 22
R1895 63.89% 1.90% 200m 0.75s 55
P18C 59% 1.25% 75m 2s 23
P92 56%           19% 100m 2s 35
                R45 54% 5% 200 3.2s 55
P1911 52% 19.1% 100 2.1s 41





One who plays PUBG very much or has reached an expert level is not very fond of SMG. One of the SMG is MICRO UZI. It is the SMG that is available very everwhere. Especially when you have not unlocked many weapons. Still, SMG plays a major role in close combat. And why I always say about close combat? As I also mentioned it in the pistol category. Most of the time in PUBG many face close combat. And also it is the same time when one loses his/her power at a faster rate. Close combat fight runs on no strategy, you have to fire with stability. And SMG can provide you that stability accuracy and firepower.

       NAME       Popularity     Spawn Rate Average Kill Distance Reload Time Damage
       Vector          38%      0.77%     150m 2.2s 31
         UMP9          31%      3.9%      200m 3.1s 39
     MICRO             UZI          26.5%      4.6%       150m 3.1s 26
     Tommy             Gun          25.5%       1.6%      250m 3.45s 40




GROZA, second in the preference category but 90% of players prefer it. It is the best AR (Assault Rife) in the game at a moment. It is actually a death machine. The super fast rate of fire and damage power is way better than any other AR. Anything between 100-400 meter is dead if you have this gun. Gorza has two firing modes single and automatic its reload time is about 2.9 sec.

AR is the most sought weapon in the game because of its damage power. And it has a quite range of popularity. AR is basically the hero of PUBG. Perfect in every field, scares everyone, uses by everyone.


Name Popularity Spawn Rate Average Kill Distance Reload Time Damage
AUG 92.13% 350m 3.66s 43
GORZA 90.34% 380m 3s 49
M416 83.31% 1.95% 360m 2.1s 43
QBZ 50.6 350m 3.66s 43
SCAR-L 48.63 1.92 350m 2.2s 43
AKM 49.29% 3.9% 380m 2.9s 49
Beryl 40.87% 380m 2.9s 47
Mk47 Mutant 27.9% 380m 3.367s 49
M16A4 21.2% 4.67% 400m 2.2s 43

#1 PUBG Guns Details, Damage, Reload time Full EXPLAINED 1




It is a category of guns that 95 % of players don’t prefer because of its reload time. But if someone has the knowledge It can definitely penetrate and cause real damage. And here knowledge I mean the understanding of using “CLAW TECHNIQUE”. This happens when one uses both his/her index finger and thumb of both hands at the same time. That looks like a claw of crab and from where it got its name. But that claw technique is very helpful in using shotguns.


A shotgun bullet is cartilage carrying 9 pellets in it so if you shoot someone it hurts him very much. As the damage point is 25 per pellet so 9 pellet damage means 225. No matter how good quality helmet or body armor your enemy has the damage of 225 will rip him apart.


Name Popularity Spawn Rate Average Kill Distance Reload time Damage
Sawed-off 83.33% 4.8% 200m 4s 160
S12K 27.15% 2.07% 65m 3s 198
S686 27.35% 4.87% 80m 3s 216
S1897 25.38% 9.43% 60m 0.715s 216

#1 PUBG Guns Details, Damage, Reload time Full EXPLAINED 2




Now that we have covered all the closed range weapons its time to move on to long-range sniper rifle. Each bullet of a sniper rifle can cause damage up to 60 that is why many prefer to choose them instead of other SMGs. As we are talking about PUBG we all know that it’s not always about shooting in the game, surviving is also important. And shouldn’t it be great if you can keep a distance from the opponent and finish him off in a single shot. These are the sniper rifles that are available in the game.

Name Popularity Spawn Rate Average Kill Distance Reload time Damage
Mk14 91.57% 80m 3s 216
AWM 89.18% 650m 4.6s 105
M24 68.69% 600m 4.2s 79
Kar98K 57.45% 0.92% 500m 4s 75
SKS 48.63% 0.93% 400m 2.9s 53





M249 is the only LMG (Light Machine Gun) PUBG offers. Intence firepower, recoil is a negative factor. Distance is its biggest advantage M249 has and can dominate up to 33m. A silencer is not attachable to this so you can skip this part if you are a big fan of gorilla war. Also, accuracy is not very good but because M249 is the only LMG in the game one will have to settle with it.


Name Popularity Spawn Rate Average Kill Distance Reload time Damage
M249 88.93% 400m 2.9s 53


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