PUBG Hack Tips and Tricks to Improve Ranking


PUBG Hack is the most annoying thing in the game. There are pro players who have achieved ranking with their skills and diligence. And there are others who cheat game to improve their ranking. Although PUBG developers have made several ways to curb this problem like the REPORT tab that appears when a player dies in battle. There is also an internal way that developers have developed to track as most of the time players don’t report or they don’t understand that someone has killed them using PUBG Hack.

Battle Eye ( is an anti-cheat software designed for PUBG Hack. This anti-cheat software is very effective and reliable. With its help, PUBG has banned many players in the year 2019 including pro players who are using PUBG hack to improve their ranking.

Yet, there are many tips and tricks for PUBG. And by following these tips and tricks one can master this game. These are those tricks that don’t come under PUBG hack. But before discussing that let’s discuss the hacks that Battle Eye will definitely detect.


  1. SEE-THROUGH PUBG HACK: See-through as the name itself is explaining is a cheat that helps players to see through the walls. Its basic version helps players to see the outline of the opponent hiding behind the wall. So far developers have remain failed to detect the see-through PUBG hack. That makes it a reliable cheat.


  1. AIMBOT PUBG HACK: This PUBG Hack is for taking the kill shot as the name suggests. No matter whether your shot is accurate or not one has to aim at the opponent with no obstruction between them. And now aimbot hack has become more advanced. One will only have to aim at the opponent and gun will fire. Battle Eye has detected many players but still in large number players are using it. So report whenever you see an opponent taking an extraordinary shot.

PUBG Hack aimbot

  1. RECOIL CHEAT: Every weapon in PUBG has some recoil tendency. Players learn about it and develop their skills according to the weapon they like the most. But some don’t understand that and try to fix it through cheat game. Well to some extent it is good. It can enhance your hitting target capability with 200% but after all, it’s a cheat and will not help you in the final stages when you actually needed it. Moreover, it can lead you to the ban list. But this cheat is very difficult to detect. Because it could be someone who has developed his/her skill over a period of time.

PUBG Hack recoil

  1. PUBG SPEED HACK: We all know how big the map is. And measuring it on foot is tiring despite no one is actually running. But still, it’s infuriating as the circle shrinking and opponents are taking advantage. Speed PUBG hack can cheat game without causing much loss to others as compared to aimbot hack. In this cheat, the player gets an ample amount of speed to go from one place to another. You can escape a battleground within seconds before the opponent bullet reaches you. But Battle Eye can detect this cheat which may lead to a lifetime ban.

speed hack
These are some of the hacks players follow to improve their ranking.

Besides that, there are other general ways to improve your game. Hack free, no need to worry about Battle Eye or any anti-cheat software.

So following are the tips and tricks that one must follow to become a successful player in PUBG

1 Try to land on the same spot from the plane always. This way you will understand the place very well and will increase your confidence.

2 Miramar Map is the place where one can score the most point. Focus on playing Miramar map to boost your rank and skills.

miramar map pubg
3 Getting Armoured UAZ that one gets through flare gun is not as good as one thinks. The reason because one cannot fire from the vehicle. Only death one will get while driving Armoured UAZ.

4 Use smoke grenades more often. Especially when one is looting. This way one will not become a target of anybody else and also one will get the safe passage.

5 Always take your teammates along with you while driving. Because at the time of combat, Vehicle is the most vulnerable place. And having team members along with you will definitely help you get out of the situation.

6 Try to run in a zig-zag way while running in an open ground or hostile place. This way you will save yourself from becoming others target.

7 Also, try not to loot everybody, this will save you time which is also a major factor in a game.

8 Use grenades especially for the ground floor, yes ground floor because I know most of the time players use grenades for the upper floor of a building but trust me using grenades for the ground floor is very effective in pushing opponents out of the building.

9 Also, use smoke if you don’t have grenades because no matter what opponents will leave the place as soon as they see the grenade.

10 To do fast jumping, jump at the height of 750 meters and look downwards make an angle of 45° through analog.

11 If you aspiring to improve your rank instead of using cheat try to get shot and heal yourself. This way you will get more points to boost your rank.

12 Claw technique is tried and trusted formula, try always to follow that, it will increase your surviving time in the game.

13 Render lag, if you feel render lag while playing PUBG that means enemies are coming, be prepared. , some maps are of very large size which sometimes mobile devices don’t download whole. And only shows the area that is visible to you. But when players from not downloaded area reach your area causes render lag. As your device downloads their graphics as well. This causes lag in your device known as render lag.


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