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PUBG Mobile tips and Hack for Beginners

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It’s almost difficult to be a competitive video game enthusiast because you haven’t heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short. Officially launched in December 2017 for consoles and PCs, it’s been around for around a year, during its early access era, and gained a lot of fans at the time and helped sling the Royal Genre battle to a hot red level. Now it’s moving to smartphones, with seasoned developer Tencent Games taking PUBG Apps to iOS and Android users all over the world after a head starts in Tencent’s home country of China.

Now that it’s landed, PUBG Mobile is waging a battle of royal dominance for the top of the Fortnite App Store Rankings, a common tag that still has some Main variations, sir. If you’ve been waiting to give it a try, but you haven’t, this is maybe your most open chance to date, because you already have a phone or tablet on which to play it.

For those of you on the cruise, we’ve put together some PUBG Mobile tips and suggestions to get you on the right foot to win your first chicken dinner. Believe us, this is going to make sense if you do it.

The Goal of PUBG Mobile: Battle Royale 101

Put clearly, PUBG Mobile starts with 100 players per turn, all battling for life on an island full of weapons and other tools. Every player parachutes on the island with nothing (even clothing, if you’re brand new) and needs to collect enough resources to stay alive, either by scavenging them from buildings or by stealing them from other players they destroy.

Since every man/woman is for himself, anyone you know is an adversary, and collaboration is strictly prohibited. The exception is in pair or squad tournaments, where pairs of players are fighting together to keep the last team alive.

To compel players to keep going and combat each other, the map area is rendered uninhabitable and shrinks every few minutes. There is also a Red Zone that decreases the wellbeing of players, which occurs in various parts of the map. The end result is that if just a few players are left alive, they are all drawn into a high-voltage showdown in a very small room.

PUBG Smartphone has been entirely designed for touchscreens thanks to a virtual thumbstick and a selection of buttons that governs mobility, including leaping and crouching, and fighting, whether with ranged or melee weapons. A large range of handguns will end up being the core of your arsenal, but there are also explosives and other guns to be found.

For protective purposes, many types of helmets and bulletproof vests may be stolen and worn to make the character more resilient. If you suffer injury, bandages and healing products can restore your health, but in most cases only up to 75% of your original amount. There are no player stats in the game because all the damage/resistance values come from gear.

Finally, PUBG Mobile has cars you can drive around in, ranging from side-car bikes to jeeps. Simple arrow-based touch controls steer and speed, and in group games, one player can drive while teammates sit in other seats and fire at opponents.

How is PUBG Mobile different from Fortnite?

If you have ever played Fortnite in the app, the most noticeable difference is that PUBG Mobile doesn’t have a construction feature. Whatever shield you need would have to remain on the island, but there’s a lot surrounding it, from houses to sheds to odd walls and rocks. If you have ever played Fortnite in the app, the most noticeable difference is that PUBG Mobile does not have a construction feature. Whatever shelter you want would have to remain on the island, but there’s a lot of it all around, from houses to sheds to odd walls and rocks.

In return, the cars are a significant part of the game that Fortnite doesn’t have. It’s also a little more evidently bloody/violent if you’re a parent watching those things, while Fortnite is at least partly tongue-in-tone and his characters only get digitized after a loss.

There are minor variations in commands, such as dedicated pop-up buttons for acts like opening doors that don’t exist in Fortnite, but generally, they’re more identical than different — which is part of why they’re so stuck in their respective head-to-head fights.

General tips and hints for beginners

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