Top 10 PUBG MOBILE tips and trick that will get winner winner chicken dinner ( Pubg M )

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Pubg Mobile or Player unknown’s battleground mobile is one the most popular MOBILE GAMES in the world right now, It is so famous that the company host events that worth over millions of US dollars!
Today, In this article we are going to talk about how you can win any game of PUBG easily.

Tip #10 – Landing ( Pubg Mobile )


Landings in Pubg Mobile are really really necessary and here’s how you can improve them!

  • Try to land with the fastest speed
  • Try to land on safe spot
  • Always land near buildings or a safe closed place

Tip #9 – Movement (Pubg Mobile)


In pubg movement plays a really really really Important role and here’s how you should move in game.

  • Always run in a zigzag
  • Never stay in an open place for too long
  • Use coaching and Jumping while engaging with an enemy

Tip #8 – Using attachments (Pubg Mobile)


Many people don’t do this point which is really really important for you in order to get that chicken dinner in pubg mobile

  • Try to use the best attachments for your gun
  • Always use a suppressor in order to do stealth kills
  • Try to find the best grip for you in training mode

Tip #7 – Use training mode (Pubg Mobile)

Traning ground-PubgM

  • Try to warm up in training mode everyday inorder to hone your skills
  • Use pre made drills to make your aim better
  • Spend at least an hour on training mode

Tip #6 – Use vechiles (Pubg Mobile)


  • Do not forget to have a vehicle with you at all times
  • Don’t move without a vehicle
  • Try to keep your vehicle safe from others

Tip #5 – Use snipers (Pubg Mobile)

Sniper - PubgM

  • Use snipers for long distance
  • Try to always aim for head
  • Use your best scope on your sniper

Tip #4 – Rotations (Pubg Mobile)


  • Try to take the safest route
  • Avoid bridges
  • Use cars for rotations

Tip #3 – Covers (Pubg Mobile )

Cover - PubgM


  • Always use objects as your cover
  • Never be in open
  • If if see someone or the enemy sees you, You’re top priority should be of finding a cover

Tip #2 – Accuracy (Pubg Mobile )


  • Always aim for head
  • Try to avoid using ads while engaging in a close combat fight
  • Improve hip-fire in training ground

Tip #1 – Bluezone (Pubg Mobile )


  • Try to always be inside Bluezone
  • Get the best position inside the zone so that you have an advantage over everyone that is inside the zone
  • Be the first one to enter the zone otherwise, it will be too hard for you to get a good place inside the zone

Oh! Looks like you made it to the end. as you can see most tips require a lot of training and practice so there are no tips that will make you a pro without practice so, Keep practicing and let us know which one of the following tips was the most beneficial for you in the comments.

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Stay safe, Stay healthy and Keep grinding!


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