PUBG (Player unknown battle ground) Pc system requirement

Last updated on March 10th, 2021 at 08:45 am

Minimum System Requirement

Recommend System Requirement

About PUBG


PUBG is an battle Royale game that has been developed and launched by krafton.

This is the game of total realism with great mechanism where you land on a island and kill everyone, By everyone I mean the other 99 players that have landed with you, You can kill them with the loot that you found dropped on land as soon as you land from the aero-plane with a parachute.

This game have so many modes and maps which you can play on but the game is loosing it’s popularity because of some really bad mistakes that the developer of this game made but before that let’s go through the good things about the game.

In PUBG you have different maps like ERANGLE, MIRAMAR, SHANHOK and VIKENDI there are other maps too, After you start a match on any of these map you will have to wait 60 seconds for everyone to join your game and play with you (everyone here is 99 other players with you )

Each map have it’s own distance some maps are big and some are long but each map have one thing in common, that is covers. Do not forget to take them cause they are one of the most important part of this game without them you will be caught in open and will have die for no reason.

After landing first look for weapons as these are thing that you will use to kill other people, you can’t go killing people with your fist cause the damage is really low and the enemy with gun will probably win if you try to beat him using a fist.
I personally like m416+Kar98k

M416 is an AR and kar98 is a sniper, I use sniper for long range and AR for mid and close range and you should do that too cause that’s how the game is supposed to work exceptions can be applied if you are really good and are good at quick scoping then you can just use kar98k or any sniper

PUBG (Player unknown battle ground) Pc system requirement 3

PUBG is available on every platform, You just have to name it and the game will be available there making it accessible for every gamer, It’s really really fun to play and it’s completely multiplayer so you have to have an internet connection in order to play this game.

Bad things about PUBG

The in game sound in PUBG is really messed that makes you sometimes frustrate a lot and there are some moments where the game just bugs really hard or some glitches that haven’t been solved by the developers till now.

The sound problem of PUBG is the one of the most major problem that the gamers have been feeling but the developers are not fixing it what so ever that’s why some players left the game and organizations withdraw from the game.


Due to the glitches and bug problems PUBG gets a rating of 7/10 in’s rating.
I feel like that the rating can go up if the developers looked on the topics of community problem seriously.


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