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PUBG Tips and Tricks

1. Drop-in every match at the same spot.

No game will be like the last in PUBG, know that as the fact it is. But you can make things in your tide by getting familiar to a particular spot, get comfortable there at your starting point, so you would know all the ins and outs. This will make it easier for you to face any enemy player as you already have the advantage of knowing the best spots in the location.

If you might get bored from having just a single drop spot, mix it up and choose different ones but make sure you know them well before dropping so you have one thing less to worry about. This is a game-changer and will make your games extend and maybe have your chicken dinner.



PUBG Mobile Multiplayer 5 Tips and Tricks 1



2. Map awareness wins games.

This is the old truth of many games, and here it remains relevant. This game will require you to concentrate your senses and build a solid perception of the key objectives that are visible in your map, enemy gunshots are the giveaway to their location, punish other players if they are out of position, and the only way to know if they are out of position if you can see that on your map.


3.  Play on an emulator.

Nothing will give you an advantage at aiming and picking out enemies from close and long-range as a good set of keyboards and mouse. Yes, PUBG Mobile is very versatile, but if you want to win then ditch the clumsiness of smartphones. This game is demanding and will require a lot of reflex actions that are more difficult to pull off on a mobile screen. Equipping sniper rifles in the game on an emulator is the most enjoyable part of having a sniper rifle, that fast accuracy kills enemies. You will also have a lot more options to adjust your controls. This customizability will have you enjoying the hours spent on this game.

You can download PUBG Mobile on your PC here.


4. Before any other action, check your LOOT.

You might be tempted to run towards the first enemy you see without any regard for the weapons you are carrying. We are all guilty of this, the adrenaline rush of finally seeing an enemy without being spotted is very compelling. But you will need to hone your gameplay to maximize your chances of winning each encounter. After acquiring the loot in a building, see the best weapons you have for each situation.

Is the enemy sitting at a long distance and is hiding still? Use the sniper rifle.

Is the enemy in the same building? Use a rapid-firing weapon.

Is your enemy has a full health bar? Think again before committing.

Do you have enough bullets? Is your Health bar full?

And most importantly, are you in range? Never compromise your location, enemy players can hear your gunshots so make them count, don’t engage if you don’t have an advantage.


PUBG Mobile Multiplayer 5 Tips and Tricks 2



5. Always be on the move.

The game wants you to move a lot. Hiding and peeking will make you ready for a fight but you will always need to relocate as the firestorm encircles the map, you must be in the circle. Walk the distance or use the vehicles. Ingame vehicles will allow you to cross long distances in a short time so if you have one on hand you can worry a little less about the firestorm but if you are on your feet, then start walking right away.

Remember as the safe zone circles narrows, countless other players will leave their spots and become vulnerable, make sure the firestorm is right behind your back so that players don’t get the advantage of knowing your location.


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