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About Resident Evil 8

Resident evil 8

Risident evil 8 evil or Resident evil village is a upcoming horror game that is being devloped by a company called capcorn, Resident evil itself have many other prevoius parts that you can search online. Resident evil 8 evil is tenth major installement of resident evil series!

Resident evil is originally a game based on japan, It’s meaning in japan is biohazard, It mainly focus on survival , Third person and first person shooting and horror game

The game first was made for play station in 1996, game was made by creators known as Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara.


Overall the game super fun and enjoyable, you should atleast try it for once and make sure to drop you’re opinion on our blog’s comment section, we are waiting for you’re opinion.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep grinding!
– Team Game Config


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