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How to perfectly use the best Roblox Injector – 2021

Hello readers! You must have read from the title that this article is about using Roblox Injector Softwares. Back to the point, I know for a fact that almost half of the world’s gamers play Roblox. Interesting right ? There are hundreds of games to play from Roblox. You can play anything from a simple platformer obstacle course, to a full blown out First Person Shooter, to engaging in covert missions. The world is yours in Roblox.

But, on the other hand, some games are too hard for people to play. This is the reason we have Scripts. Scripts are basically pieces of code that can be used to manipulate the game to your choice. Scripts will be found anywhere in the internet, and you can find them even on this website! So, in this article I will be discussing about the using of scripts. Scripts are pretty easy to find on the internet, but executing them can be tricky. There are two top free Roblox injector Software to use.

  • KRNL
  • Electron

I will be discussing how to use these injectors, in this article.

KRNL Roblox Injector

KRNL Roblox Injector is the most user friendly Roblox Injector, available in the present time. It can be used seamlessly.

To download KRNl go here. Click on the download button, and check your downloads folder. You will see an application named krnl_console_bootstrapper. Now, don’t run it. Create a new folder anywhere you like and cut and paste the file over there. Now run it, and wait for some time. There will be a list of processes, and at the end you should see this.


krnl bootstrapper

Once, you see this page, press any key and you will see a folder open. In that folder, you will find these files:

  • bin
  • Bunifu_UI_v1.5.3.dll
  • krnl.dll
  • krnlss
  • krnlss.exe.config
  • ScintillaNET.dll

You don’t need to pay attention to all these. The only thing you will be needing is krnlss. So, now you can open any game of your choice, and then open krnlss. You will see thiskrnlss

This is the main platform of KRNL. You can paste your script right there, and you can click on the plus button on the top bar, to create a new script, and paste multiple scripts at once.

Once you have pasted the script, you need to inject it, which requires a license key. Click on the Others on the top bar, and click on Get Key.

get key

When you click Get Key, it will direct you to a Linkvertise page. You will have to pass 5 checkpoints to get the license key. After you get the license key, just copy and paste it somewhere and save it. Now, open your Roblox game and click on Inject. You will see this:

Just copy your key and paste it here. It will accept it and it will show Injected in the place of Inject.

Now, just click on the execute button and your script should definitely start working.

Electron Roblox Injector

Electron Roblox Injector comes second on the list, next to KRNL. First of all, to download Electron go here. Once you go there, click on Download. Now, check your downloads folder, you should see a ZIP file downloaded with the name Electron. Open the folder, you will see, two text files:

  • HowToUse

And another application named JITStarter.

electron zipped

Now run the application JITStarter. It will ask you to extract files, now click on Extract All, and let the files extract. After extracting open the folder, and you should see the same three files again, but this time when you click on JITStarter, it will start to run. Let the JITStarter run. After some time, it should look like this.electron starter
It will automatically close. and you should see a folder with the following items:

  • autoexec
  • bin
  • scripts
  • workspace
  • Electron
  • ElectronDLL.dll
  • HowToUse
  • JITStarter

In the following list. click on the Electron Application with the logo. When it opens you will see this.

electron roblox injector

You can paste your script right here. And, click on Attach. It will ask you for a license key.

electron key

If you already have a license key, then enter it here. If you do not have a key, then click on Get Key. It will direct you to a linkvertise page. It has 3 checkpoints to get the key. After you get the key, just paste the key here, and click on Submit. If it is successful, then it will show Attached in green color on the top bar.

electron attached

Once it is attached, you can just click on Execute, and your script will start to run immediately.

Find scripts to use here and here.

Thank you for reading this article!


Written by Jenith

A gaming fanatic and a article writer.

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