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Rocket League

Rocket League is an Vehicle-sport Game that was developed and published by psyonix

This game is soo good and just really worth your money, Yes straight away I got say this cause this game is actually really really good, Like almost everything about the game is really good from the games physics and realism to skins to VFX everything seems perfect and top notch

The fact that the developers of this keeps on updating the games making it stay alive even after these long years which is really amazing and anyone could get impressed just by knowing that Even I was impressed by that.

Rocket League

There are points in this game where you feel like the game is trippin but than you notice that the game physics is just too good that even if you make any mistake it’s all yours, The game have very little amount of glitches which are immediately solved by the developer community cause they are really active on this game!

The graphics of this games just keeps on improving and improving after every update which never fails to amaze me and is one of the major key why I like this game this much, It’s just too good and fun to play.

The skins in this game are really great too and I like them really much all-though I am really broke so I can’t purchase them but they look stunning and really fun to see, I just want to buy them but couldn’t but the skins are really good!

The maps in this game are really great too and are made perfectly so that there is not unfairness going on while playing the game cause otherwise it will be a huge mess and can lead the game to get an huge backlash from it’s community.

Rocket league community is also really active which is why the developers are able to find these glitches really fast cause if someone finds an glitch it’s just blows up and somehow catches the developers attention which after seeing the glitch starts working on it and solves it.

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Some of the things that I didn’t liked about the games is it’s crate system cause it’s just an complete gamble and there is no guarantee that you will get that particular skin that you are thinking to get which looks amazing to you and you really wanna get it, you never get it cause you just keeps on spending your money until and unless you run out of it, I think this is the only annoying thing about Rocket League which I found by far.

Also the new update maps are complete trash and are getting a huge backlash from the community too, I am only hoping a quick response from the developers so that we could play the game normally as we used to and we want too.


Overall the games is pretty good and worth evert penny you spend on it ( except on crates ) I will have to give it an 9.3/10 for it’s great graphic, physics and the time that dev takes to solve an glitch or problem.


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