Rogue Islands – Beginners Guide

Rogue islands Guide

Starting Off

The first time you start a new stage, you’ll find yourself on your ship, a short distance away from the island you need to discover. The first order of business, take a few steps forward and catch the food rising in the planter at the front of your bow. You start each stage with an empty stomach, and an empty stomach means you start to die pretty quickly. Not exactly what you want to do. After that, you can get off exploring.

Surviving the Islands

There are a few things you may want to hold in mind when you’re cruising around the islands. To start with, when you look at somebody of water, you’re usually going to find fish inside. With the glowing red eyes. They’ll want to get to you as you reach the water and start gnawing at you. The harm they cope with is not a cause for alarm, but they can not be destroyed in any way, so it’s usually a safer option to pass rapidly across the sea.

The skeletons are the very first monsters you can face. They’re going to try to reach you with a little dam of magic bolts. Not an especially tough enemy as long as you’re already going.

One thing you’ll see very often is this hideous red plant:


Surprise, actually, they’re ugly. These things are very poisonous. If you run into them, you’re going to suffer a bit of damage and get hit with a debuff that either lasts a really long time or doesn’t run out until you have it healed (you couldn’t measure it). Stated debuff inhibits wellbeing regeneration. To make sure you don’t get it, other than killing the trees, you can also roast them to the ground with your spells.

If you get the debuff, don’t think about it. In certain bodies of water, you can find a green, sparkling plant growing at the bottom:


Eat that, and the debuff will be restored, plus you’ll get a defensive bonus on top of that (which can also be useful even though you’re not poisoned). The trauma debuff can also be healed by this plant (Trauma tends to occur when it is poor in quality and inhibits the regeneration of mana).

Having a few things in mind is going to be enough to survive the first day. The night is a different matter. When the moon rises and you get a warning that the cold is falling back to the island, the spirits are streaming down from the sky. And you don’t like ghosts, since they’re immortal, and if you’re seen by one of them, they’re going to follow you to the depths of hell (that was my first night in this game). But don’t worry, there are two ways to prevent this:

  • Return to your ship on time. You might have noticed there’s a little trapdoor next to the planter. At night, you can use it to hide on your ship and skip to the daytime. Keep in mind you’ll wake up with an empty stomach.
  • If you’d rather keep exploring at night, that’s possible too. Keep an eye out for these, preferably while the sun is still up.


Some General Info


Eating food in this game is working as follows. You’ve got two ‘digestion spaces’ to name them that. That means you will consume two food items, which would be consumed one after the other. The key point here is that certain ingredients have long-lasting effects. Light cherries listed in the last section are a good example of this. These advantages occur to though food is in the second period of digestion. In other words, if you first eat squash and then a soft cherry, you’ll be invisible to the spirits until the squash is first digested and then the cherry is digested. Quite easy to use. Bear in mind, though, even if all slots are complete, you would not be able to eat anything until the first food item has been digested.


The first spell that you start with is a spark arrow, a basic projectile spell with a fairly good range. You need infused gems to get more powers, as you might have read in the game’s ‘How to Play’ portion. They are used both to unlock new spells and to upgrade your current spells.

The first thing you’re expected to do with the infused diamond, at least in my mind, is updating your spark shot, since it replaces the mana cost, leaving you free to leap and levitate around while firing stuff.

Jump and Levitate:

I found this a little frustrating when I first played, so here’s a little clarification. Jumping the loss mana. The longer you hold the jump button, the higher you jump until your mana is fully drained. Tap the button, and you only do a small jump.

Levitating (or you might call it gliding) is done by holding space while in midair. Awkward being part, if you just leaped as far as you can, you’re not going to have mana left to levitate. This will make jumping a bit tedious since you need to let go of the hop button at the right moment to have enough mana to levitate.

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