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Rugby 20 is a game that is developed by EKO Software. This game is really great as a sport game, It is really fun if you are a die heart rugby fan and we can guarantee that you will surely like it, In this blog we are gonna go through deep into this game and talk a lot about it, so stay tuned and keep reading!

Rugby 20 settings

Rugby 20 Pc system requirements 4

Rugby 20 got really a lot of settings the first setting that we see as soon as we open the setting tab is the customization of a match, which is really cool to have as we can either make our game short or really long, we can also set our audience 
There is a difficulty level which lets you select the difficulty of the opposite team.
and the more settings follows the difficulty level!

Camera setting rugby

The camera setting of rugby 20 lets you select the point of view of your players which is really useful to make slick shots and goals you can select where you camera is supposed to be and play along with it, you can also select how much shakiness you want, which is one of the best setting that I have seen in any games especially sports game you can customize the game really far ahead we are going to discuss this shortly too.

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The sound setting of rugby 20 is unique on it’s on too, you can setup the music volume which is the music that plays in background and then comes the sound effect volume setting it is the setting for sound effects it reduces and increases the sound effect and then comes the commentary volume which helps you to increase and decrease the volume of commentators! and then there is the referee volume which is for referee SFX and other settings follows it

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The graphic settings are one of the best part about this game they have a COLOR BLIND MODE which is really really good. I like there efforts for making the game available for everyone and you got to give them for that too!! They have one more setting under their graphic setting which is particle setting it basically lets you modify if you want to show the particles or not

Rugby 20 Pc system requirements 7

Rugby 20 have many modes and one of them is league mode which basically lets you play any league that happened in the history of rugby like literally every league, This is one of the reason why the game is really really really fun and interesting to play. They also have a career mode which basically lets you play from the scratch the character won’t have any skills but you got to develop and that’s how it keeps going!

Rugby 20

The customization of players in this game is also really interesting and easy to do you can do literally anything you can change their knee cap to their shirt and much more it’s really customizable!


Rugby 20 is overall an great game and I’d suggest everyone to play it At-least one if you are a hardcore rugby fan, this game won’t downfall your Expectations 


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