How to See Chunks in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to See Chunks in Minecraft?

See Chunks in Minecraft

In the actual world, we measure distances in “miles” or “kilometres,” for example. However, the world in Minecraft is formed up of “chunks,” which are enormously tall regions that are 16×16 blocks wide.

There are a several methods for determining what chunk you are in, but if you’re playing Minecraft: Java Edition, there is a simple tool that enables you to examine the precise bounds of any chunk.

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How to See Chunks in Minecraft?

How to view chunk boundaries in the Java Edition of Minecraft
The Java Edition allows you to turn on chunk boundaries. With the help of this tool, you can see the precise borders of the block you’re now in.

Hold down the F3 key while pressing the G key on your keyboard to enable chunk boundaries. A colourful wireframe border will surround your chunk, and a brief note stating that borders are being shown will appear in the bottom-left corner.

See Chunks in Minecraft

Only the portion of the chunk you are standing in is covered by the wireframe. The border will reposition itself to enclose the new region if you move to a different piece. The borders can be disabled by pressing F3 and G once more.

You can view all four sides of the chunk boundary at once if you soar high enough to see them all. The best technique to determine a chunk’s actual size is in this fashion.


How to locate chunk boundaries in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft?

See Chunks in Minecraft
In the Bedrock Edition, there is no chunk border tool. You’ll have to do some math instead.

You must first locate your location.

1. To start your Bedrock world, hit Start or Esc on your keyboard (controller).

2. In the left sidebar, choose Settings and then Game.

3. Select Show Coordinates under World Options by swiping down.

4. Get back to playing. You can now see the XYZ coordinates for your character in the top-left corner.

You are at the edge of a chunk if any of the X or Z coordinates (16, 32, 48, 64…) is divisible by 16. Additionally, if X and Z are both divisible by 16, you are in the north-westernmost part of the piece.

Alternately, players can simply look at the coordinates for the X and Z axes to determine the border of the chunk. Given that a chunk in these axes contains 16×16 blocks, the coordinates where the borders are visible will be divisible by 16.

The player is standing at the edge if either the X or Z coordinates are divisible by 16. Once they understand this, players can simply add 16 whenever they move to determine where the next chunk border is.

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