Sims 4 Tips and trick – 3 Surprising Features in the game that You didn’t know about.

3 Amazing things You could do within the game using the cheat box.

Here are the Sims 4 tricks and tips you didn’t even know exist.
If, like me, you’ve already absolutely rampaged through the game,
We are now considering cracking on a range of DLC options,
There are some exciting features about the game that
you do not know about – without using a cheat panel.

The sims 4 : spa day

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Here’s selection of the best features you didn’t know you could do in 

The Sims 4, if you’re newbie.

    You’ve likely stumbled upon these plants before you browse the internet,
    Knowing that they’re quite meme-worthy.
    If you want to grow your own, you ‘re going to need a cowberry.
    These could be found while you’re hunting, digging, exploring space, and grafting.

    Grafting is accessible once your Sim is at 
    high gardening level and you can splice the plants together.

Island living sims 4

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First off, grow Snapdragon and Strawberry and pick each of them when they’re big enough.
Graft one plant with the slicing of the other that will send you Dragonfruit.
Place the Snapdragon and the Dragonfruit, taking each of the cuttings and graft one to the other.
You ‘re going to be left with the Cowplant Berry. Plant it, tada! Your own little Cow Plant killer.

You can build yourself a massive bed, a refrigerator, a toy, and even make the world’s largest TV thanks to this simple hack.
While in Buy Mode, press the square bracket key (right) to extend the item to any size, and then use the square bracket key (left) to reduce it back down.
Quite convenient if you want to make a movie theater in your home at Sim,
without needing to pay for the package.

a sims 4 character

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The Sims games have undoubtedly come a long way in terms of putting objects in your household,
But by holding and keeping down the ALT key, you can make it slightly more flexible.
This will override the positioning squares of the game,
This guarantees that you don’t have to ensure that your things are in alignment with the grid.

Sims Characters talking

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