Skylanders: Ring of Heroes | Loving Heroes Tier List

Skylanders:Ring of Heroes is a mobile-based strategy RPG game created by Com2uS. The game takes place in the Skylanders universe, featuring characters from the series. The objective of the game is to beat enemy teams of characters with your own team. Players choose moves while battling in a turn-based mixed with real-time action environment. Besides levels in a campaign, players can battle other players in the game’s PvP system.

Tricks for Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

In this tier list, we rank heroes, known as skylanders from Skylanders: Ring of Heroes in tiers based on how powerful they are, their stats, value on a team, etc. Tier lists are subject to change as the meta and game evolve. Besides looking at the individual potential of each skylander, other factors should be taken into consideration when choosing which skylanders to use. However, we still firmly believe a tier list like this one is great guidance when assembling your perfect team.

Here is the Most loving Heroes Tier List

Skylanders: Ring of HeroesSkylanders: Ring of HeroesSkylanders: Ring of HeroesSkylanders: Ring of HeroesSkylanders: Ring of Heroes


In this Skylanders:Ring of Heroes guide, we’ll be talking shop to get you up to speed on combat basics, currency uses, and the best Skylanders to power up when you get started.

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